Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Swiss Indie Rock Band, Mindless Crowd, Illuminates the Night Sky with ‘Star Chaser

Swiss indie-rock band Mindless Crowdjust returned with a new track titled “Star Chaser.” Comprising a talented quartet of musicians, this band is renowned for seamlessly weaving the diverse threads of 70’s rock, psychedelia, and contemporary pop-rock into their musical tapestry. More than just makers of music, Mindless Crowd explores thought-provoking societal themes and infuses their songs with a sense of hope and wonder.

“Star Chaser” is a sonic journey that takes listeners beyond the mundane and into the realms of the extraordinary. This celestial track was born under a star-studded sky when the band gazed at the cosmos and envisioned a world full of limitless possibilities. A magnetic indie rock anthem, “Star Chaser” invites its audience on a cosmic odyssey through its vibrant and enchanting soundscapes.

“Star Chaser” serves as an alluring sneak peek of Mindless Crowd’s upcoming album, slated for release in 2024. The track encapsulates the band’s core values, delivering a message of encouragement and inspiration.

With their distinctive fusion of rock and psychedelic influences, Mindless Crowd continues to captivate listeners way beyond Switzerland.

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Tom L.

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