Sun day 3 April –Andy Baylor’s “Reel of Joy” – a celebration of Melbourne roots music

Showtime 4pm

Andy Baylor, Fiddle, guitar, vocals, Sam Lemann, guitar, Sharkey Ramos , Drums Andrew Scott, Double Bass, Stephen Grant, Accordion, Denis Close, percussion, and SPECIAL GUESTS, Kerri SimpsonSarah Carroll, and the sweet strings of Sophia Dunn and Kate Connor.

Andy Baylor, Fiddle, guitar, vocals, Sam Lemann, guitar, Sharkey Ramos , Drums Andrew Scott, Double Bass, Stephen Grant, Accordion, Denis Close, percussion, and SPECIAL GUESTS, Kerri Simpson, Sarah Carroll, and the sweet strings of Sophia Dunn and Kate Connor. Melbourne’s own Roots Music Maestro, Andy Baylor, presents Cajun-styled two-steps and waltzes, country blues, Tex-Mex flavoured pieces, New Orlean-ish R’n’B, exotic guitar instrumentals and western swing – a rich, colourful tapestry of Melbourne’s great musical traditions.

Andy’s contributions to Australian music have been acknowledged and championed by many diverse artists, critics, journalists and music fans over the years. He pioneered “roots” music styles with his bands The Honeydrippers, Banana Oil, the Cajun Combo and the Charcoal Club and has collaborated with a who’s- who of Australian music .

Andy has brought together an all star band with good rockin’ Sharkey Ramos on drums and sophisticated guitar stylist, Sam Lemann ( guitarist to the stars), Steve Grant (accordion genius), The ukulele queen of the Bellarine, Sarah Carroll, the Soulful Kerri Simpson ( Opelousas) with her Cajun New Orleans groove and the sweet strings of the Banksia Band ,Sophia Dunn and Kate Connor…

“Andy Baylor’s music floats on air with blissful melodies and flowing dance tunes”-Jeff Glorfeld, The Age

“Baylor, who sings in a voice unaffectedly Australian, is a master guitarist and fiddler. As a musician he has always seemed unusually sensitive to the needs of the ensemble and the song.” Ken Williams The Age

“Andy Baylor is one of the great musical treasures you can stumble across any night of the week plying his trade in the inner city bars of Melbourne. He plays jazz, country, blues -you name it- with equal aplomb.’ Keith Glass, Herald Sun

Reel of Joy -Melbourne Roots-sweet Country soul, Cajun two-steps and waltzes, guitar exotica, swingin’ boogie woogie, old-timey fiddle tunes and heartfelt songs of the South.

Friday 8 April & Saturday 9 April  Zevon – Accidentally like a Martyr ‘starring Henry Wagons’

Showtime 8pm

Allows master craftsman of the stage and multi-media star, Henry Wagons, the opportunity to explore and interpret some of rockʼs greatest lyrics. Lachlan Bryan also lends his talents and serves as Musical Director for the show.

From heretic to heroic – Zevon – Accidentally Like A Martyr starring Henry Wagons is a marriage of rare convenience.

Warren Zevon is the songwriterʼs songwriter. Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen have covered his songs. Linda Ronstadt had massive hits with Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me and Carmelita. Jackson Browne was his producer. He called David Letterman his greatest champion. His visible hits Werewolves Of London and Lawyers, Guns & Money and Excitable Boy barely scratched the surface of the lyric genius found on his albums. 

A turbulent, erratic relationship with loved ones, supporters and the music industry in general, fuelled by alcohol and drugs extravagance, no doubt contributed to him becoming – cult figure rather than a major star. His songs captured the dark, colourful eccentricities and extremes of Los Angeles, his life and early death. His great passion was literature and the crime writers of the day and he was their favourite songwriter.

Zevon – Accidentally Like A Martyr allows master craftsman of the stage and multi-media star, Henry Wagons, the opportunity to explore and interpret some of rockʼs greatest lyrics. Lachlan Bryan also lends his talents and serves as Musical Director for the show.

MEMO Music Hall: 88 Aclnad Street St Kilda

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