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Solarrio’s Timeless Journey with “Forever”

Solarrio, also known as David Barenboim, emerges as a luminary, blending international influences into a tapestry of sweltering sounds. His latest single, ‘Forever’, released on November 10, is a scintillating journey into nostalgia, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the warm embrace of bygone eras.

Born to classical musicians, Solarrio’s musical odyssey has traversed diverse terrains, from performing with rock outfits to becoming one of Germany’s most sought-after hip-hop producers. Now, he weaves these varied experiences into a unique blend of eighties-inspired synthpop, R&B, and funk.

The single captures the essence of dreamy melodies and romantic undertones, with a modern twist that sets Solarrio apart in the contemporary music scene.

Solarrio offers a glimpse into his creative process, describing ‘Forever’ as a song that encapsulates nostalgia. It’s that one moment you want to hold onto for a lifetime, a sentiment that feels like a summer breeze on a beach or the enchantment of a high school prom. In Solarrio’s words, “This song sounds and feels like the ‘good old days,’ a timeless melody that transports us to a place where the weight of the present momentarily fades away.

After ‘B the 1’ and ‘NLF’, ‘Forever’ serves as a new prelude to Solarrio’s much-anticipated 2024 album, ‘All The Wrong Places’, scheduled for release in Spring via Playel Records.


Tom L.

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