Skies Behind Soars with Defiance and Hope in Latest Release ‘I Love It’

skies behind soars with defiance and hope in latest release 'i love it'

The talented Irish band Skies Behind unveiled a first preview of their upcoming EP with the single “I Love It”. The song is a defiant and hopeful anthem that resonates with the overwhelming feeling of not being in control.

Composed of Dan Sheedy (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Joe Clarke (Drums), and Richard Brett (Lead Guitar), Skies Behind is not just a band; it’s a close-knit collective with a passion for creating meaningful music together.

“I Love It” explores the complexity of emotions when one feels out of control and uncertain about what brings true happiness. The song’s hopefulness lies in the realization that leaning on those closest to you and being there for them is the key to finding balance. It’s a powerful message conveyed through infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

The track is part of Skies Behind’s upcoming EP, ‘The Spaces’, a project for which the songwriting process took place over an intense 8-week period, where the band poured their hearts and souls into creating a sound that reflects their innermost fears, hopes, and aspirations.

Beyond their own music, Skies Behind initiated the UnCorked music showcase in Cork to help fellowsmusicians. This project, which has taken on a life of its own, provides a platform for talented local acts to shine. Held at The Everyman Theatre, UnCorked celebrates the rich musical tapestry of Cork, putting the local music scene on the pedestal it deserves.

Skies Behind’s “I Love It” and the upcoming EP ‘The Spaces’ showcase a band that has evolved both musically and personally. So make sure you follow the band not to miss their new EP: InstagramFacebookTwitter

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