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Shaping up. Design is King.


 July 24th, 2015

The alarm rings at 0445, sit quietly for a while, breakfast, then grab prepared camera gear and drive for an hour and a half to a location for a sunrise shot.      
The weather maps and bureau suggest clear skies.                                                
A cold still Spring morning appears. Perfect for morning landscape imagery.                                              There are many moments of positioning a camera.                                              
The shape and design can take time to determine the visual sweet spot.          
Editing through the camera is my preferred method of capturing an image.        
The primary goal of any creative business is to have client focus while maintaining the creative specialisation required to perform successfully.
The rest of the time after the successful appearance of the Sun is capturing a section of images to creatively explain the job brief. 
Pic: ‘A Golden Dawn’ Tianjin Marina. China.
Client: Rainbow Land (HK) Eco City 
Blain Crellin Photography

Blain Crellin

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