say no to landfill with these awesome products, made from recycled materials! 

Are you looking for ways to reduce your waste and carbon footprint? Maybe you’ve already cut back on your meat consumption, started cycling to work or you’re trying to make your weekly shop as plastic-free as possible… good job, but still, there’s always room for improvement.

More plastic products and waste than ever before are being repurposed and reused, saving them from landfill and putting a stop to ocean pollution. Thankfully, making better ethical choices as consumers has never been easier and even the everyday items below can help you do your bit to reduce waste and save the planet.  Read on to discover some awesome products that are made from recycled materials!


Every year when summer comes around, we purchase a new pair of sunglasses. It doesn’t take long for them to become bent, cracked or unfit for purpose, so we throw them away. Even something as minute as this is having a detrimental impact on the planet. This is where comes in. Producing high-quality, stylish, unisex UV protective sunglasses from broken frames is what they do best. These ethical sunglasses produced entirely within their eco-friendly and green-powered factory means that environmentally friendly fashion is accessible to everyone. This holistic approach is mirrored across their manufacturing and distribution processes, conducting their business ethically at every stage. So, you can look good and save the planet!

Activewear and swimwear

Did you know that other brands are taking on fast fashion? By creating polyester with ocean plastic and post-consumer plastic bottles, it’s never been easier to fill your gym bag with sustainable crop tops, leggings, footwear and swimwear! Who knew wearing rubbish could look so good!


We’re all conscious of our dental hygiene, and as we’re advised to replace our toothbrushes every three months, it comes as no surprise that toothbrushes in landfill (and ending up on our beaches) is a big issue. Thankfully, you can make a difference by switching to a recycled version, which is often made of post-consumer plastic. Of course, the bristles are always new, so don’t worry about that!

Kitty litter

Having a litter tray for your cat is a must, but what you fill it with could be more harmful to the environment than you realise. Switching to a version of cat litter that is made from recycled paper, not only reduces dust but is also more absorbent and better for the planet.

Toilet paper

Do you ever give much thought to where your toilet paper comes from? Probably not! But interestingly, many toilet paper manufacturers create their product using recycled paper. So, all of that waste you put into the recycle bin at the office could make its way back into your home or your workspace as 100% recycled toilet paper.

And finally, trash bags

Next time you take out the trash, it’s worth considering where your trash bags have come from. More manufacturers than ever before are producing their products out of recycled plastic, reducing greenhouse emissions and landfill!