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SATRE Unveils Heartfelt Ode to Pursuing Dreams and Embracing Adventure with “Stay Away”

In a society that often nudges us toward conformity, SATRE’s latest single, “Stay Away”, emerges as a beacon of hope and a reminder to cherish the journey of life. Produced by Atticus Blue and masterfully composed by Andrew Joslyn, the song is an uplifting Indie Folk-Pop masterpiece that resonates deeply with the spirit of adventure and self-discovery.

The song sweeps us away on a musical road trip through the sun-kissed landscapes of SATRE’s soul. Its catchy and up-tempo melodies, combined with poignant lyrics, create an atmosphere that is perfect for a summer’s day or any moment when you need a dose of inspiration.

At its core, “Stay Away” is an anthem for those who dare to live brightly and embrace the unknown. It’s a call to arms to chase dreams relentlessly, casting aside the doubts and fears that threaten to hold us back. SATRE himself speaks of the song’s origin, sharing, “I had just moved to London from Stockholm and was having a difficult time, contemplating moving back home to be with my family… My sibling told me that I better stay away! While the term is usually used in quite harsh contexts, in this case, it was meant with love and compassion, as a reminder to keep chasing my dreams.”

SATRE’s journey from the tranquil landscapes of Sweden to the bustling streets of London has imbued his music with a unique blend of emotions and experiences. As one of the UK’s most successful street performers, he knows how to captivate an audience with his storytelling prowess and soulful melodies.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Bon Iver and The Lumineers, SATRE’s Indie Folk-Pop sound carries the weight of human experiences, from the darkest moments we often shy away from discussing to the simplest joys we sometimes overlook. His lyrics are a poignant reminder of the beauty that can be found in life’s highs and lows.

His new release is a declaration of independence, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and an invitation to embark on an adventure of self-discovery. SATRE’s music encourages us all to cast aside the shackles of doubt and complacency, to venture into the unknown, and to embrace life’s vibrant tapestry.

As we listen to “Stay Away”, let us be reminded that, in the words of SATRE himself, this term is not always about distance but rather a heartfelt wish for us to keep chasing our dreams, no matter where they may lead. SATRE’s music is a beautiful reminder that life’s greatest adventures often begin when we choose to “Stay Away” from anything that holds us back.


Tom L.

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