It’s the day after Australia day and it has me thinking, am I proud to be an Australian? sure Australia goes alright, it definitely could be worse but there is still so much that could be better.

Our government has no problem changing the date of public holidays for convenience sake, so why is it such a big political issue to change the date this time? all it shows is how ingrained we are with racism and intolerance, the day holds so much negative emotion for many but and has no real significance to everyone else. there are so many reasons to change it and not a single reason to keep it.

A change of date isn’t the only change that needs to be made, we need a change of perspective. You have to be white, heterosexual and middle class to not be affected by discrimination, to have a full set of rights, which is basically to be considered a human in our society.

I don’t understand what makes this demographic more human than anyone else? Why do they deserve more? We teach our children that it’s okay to hate and to withhold basic rights to someone because they are different, when it’s our diversity that give us strength as a society, we should be teaching respect and tolerance of difference and that EVERY human is a human, regardless of race, sexuality, gender, ability, socio-economic status, religious belief or anything else.

We don’t all have to agree and share the same beliefs but it’s about time people realise that it’s okay to disagree to allow people to be different and that it doesn’t take anything away from you and your beliefs. Equal rights really aren’t too much to ask for, it should be the standard, it shouldn’t be such a politically polarising issue, we are all humans and all deserve the same rights, no exceptions.

I don’t think that it’s okay that we settle for less than we deserve, we have come a long way but close enough is not good enough.

I am not proud to be an Australian.

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