Nocturnal Fever: Women of Sin

Nocturnal Fever: Women Of Sin
Nocturnal Fever 7

Nocturnal Fever: Women Of SinI am always excited before I go to see a show at the Butterfly Club and tonight was no different.

I know the artist’s other work in music and I was very interested to see how the Lady Fox performed in a theatrical setting.

Such a wonderful voice she has and that rang as clear as a bell throughout the whole performance.

Nocturnal Fever: Women of Sin is a torch song treat! The show is a musical travelogue through the sleaze of the world of broken, wanton women in a time of sex, drugs and jazz bringing to the senses a feeling for the speakeasies and gin joints that were the playgrounds of past generations.

The Show features a selection of burlesque dancers throughout the season and tonight La Hoochie Bam Bam provided the sinful fan dance of flesh spicing up the show’s content.

The show features some very strong song choices considering the wealth of the repertoire to choose from in the jazz and blues genres Lady Fox and Diddy Reyes are Diamonds and the Blues, with Diddy on guitar and backup vocals, sing fabulous versions of many different stars stretching from the early ‘20’s through to the ‘50’s with standout songs were It’s a Man’s World and Sugar in My Bowl and the final song, a killer version of Strange Fruit that absolutely floored me, made me cry.Nocturnal Fever: Women Of Sin

Lady Fox and Diddy Reyes have a wonderful chemistry as performers, such a beautiful voice and Diddy’s sensational guitar and also amazing vocals were a true pleasure.

The show has 3 more nights to run including tonight, Friday and Saturday  at the Butterfly Club, Carsons Lane, Melbourne and is well worth the effort of facing Melbourne’s chilly evenings for such delightful and edgy entertainment.

Pics – Gary Tate

Co-writer – Kelly Auty