After an eleven year journey our destination is in sight

Athenaeum 2
March 4th to 14th
188 Collins Street Melbourne
Click the above image to hear Raphael Wong and Claire Patti sing a sample of the score

MAGPIE A Brief Synopsis

Set on the modern-day streets of Melbourne, Magpie is a story of how Imogene King, one of the country’s richest and loneliest young women and a homeless support worker nicknamed Magpie will try to build four bridges across our growing wealth gap.

One of love, one of grief, one of determination and maybe, just maybe a Bridge of Hope.

With a beautiful and original score and full of drama, laughter, tears and song, Magpie is a rollicking story that is suitable for the entire family.
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Before Magpie Michael had never written a song now we’re all heading to the Athenaeum.
This is why we are having open Auditions.
There are 11 great roles to fill.
More info very very soon.
A massive thank you to everyone who has helped us get to here.
66b Doncaster Rd, 3104, Melbourne, Australia
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