listen to older voices: veronica ireland – part 2

Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves and podcast through the Toorak Times and Tagg

Welcome to Listen To Older Voices and the second of a 3-part program featuring the Life & Times of  Veronica Ireland.

listen to older voices: veronica ireland – part 2
Veroniva and her mother – [CLICK to enlarge]


In the last program we learned that Veronica was born in 1944, and, born deaf. This seriously impeded her ability to learn as a child. On eventually gaining most of her hearing she thrived and after a few false starts, she became a psychiatric nurse. 

This week her stories of her nursing career continue and we are both amazed and enthralled at her tale of a man who entered the nurses home with a loaded rifle, shot a woman in the hip, and how it was Veronica got the rifle off the man, winning her a medal from the Humane Society of Australia.

listen to older voices: veronica ireland – part 2
Veronica’s Humane Society Medal – [CLICK to enlarge]


Her life is fill of up’s and downs, and in one major moment of down, Veronica is involved in a head-on car accident, which severely damages her sternum, an injury that is initially and painfully misdiagnosed.

Yet not even this keeps her away from her work and it forms a career spanning many decades all forming part of an entertaining and informative program.

The program picks up with Veronica talking about how one of the benefits of her work in a psychiatric facility was extended time off.



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