listen to older voices : john arthur grant – part 2

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listen to older voices : john arthur grant – part 2
John Arthur Grant – circa 1974. [CLICK to enlarge]


This is the 2nd of a 4-part pgm featuring the story of Baby Boomer musician – John Arthur Grant.


In part 1 we learned John was born in 1953 and moved from Canberra to Melbourne at the age of 3 where he was exposed to a lot of live piano in the home and he was able to build on his natural ability to become more than just an accomplished pianist he was on the edge of a concert pianist career when he was seduced by the emerging popular music of the 1960’s.

In fact this week we learn that he actually goes to Melb Uni to study concert piano and composition but the progressive music of the 60’s took him over and we learn a bit more about his early band life. However, following a mixed career in the 60’s with his own bands he continued on in the 1970’s with his own groups, which included Windjammer.

listen to older voices : john arthur grant – part 2
Windjammer – with John Arthur Grant on keyboards. [CLICK to enlarge]
However, in order to progress his career he began to get work in the 70’s with a range of well known artists that would include Phil Manning and Jim Keyes and later he played with Eurogliders and Mike Rudd.

listen to older voices : john arthur grant – part 2
John with Mike Rudd [CLICK to enlarge]


The group that featured Phil Manning and Jim Keyes -Manning Keyes group. This group was all to short-lived and even though for a while it looked as if this would be when John “really made it”, we learn how an inept English Producer, bought in to do their album, ended up bringing the group to its knees.



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