Listen To Older Voices : John Arthur Grant – Part 1


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listen to older voices : john arthur grant – part 1


 This is part 1 of a 4-part Baby Boomer special feature on the Life & Times of John Arthur Grant.

Born in Canberra ACT in 1953, his family had been in that area as early settlers prior to the City of Canberra even being built. Johns parents separated  when he was a young boy and as a result his mother was largely responsible for bringing him up.

Around the age of 3 he and his mother moved to Melbourne but being so young he adapted to the move effortlessly. Music would become a major part of Johns life and it was no wonder as music, particularly piano based music, was a feature of the family life and all the children learned to play in a classical style.

John becomes an accomplished pianist and seems destined for a life as a concert pianist but during his formative years popular music begins to be a feature of most young people’s lives in the late 50’s and early 60’s and John is not exempt.

listen to older voices : john arthur grant – part 1
John when he was School Captain at McLeod High School


While in High School he forms his first band and was determined that popular music would be his chosen career despite his both his mother and piano teachers expectations that he would become a concert pianist.



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