listen to older voices: claire humphrys – part 2

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listen to older voices: claire humphrys – part 2
Claire in the 1960’s – CLICK to enlarge]



Hello and welcome to part 2 of a 4-part program featuring the story of Baby Boomer, Claire Humphrys.



In part 1 we learned that Claire was bought up largely by her Grandmother, as her mother was just an occasional visitor into her life. Being bullied in school helped develop a strong social conscience and a champion of the under-dog, attributes that she would use during her life.

In this part of her story we learn of the circumstances, the somewhat amazing circumstances, that led her to meeting a young swarthy gypsy-looking boy, as she delved deeply into the world of the Arts – painting, photography and music.

listen to older voices: claire humphrys – part 2
Claire, the Swinburne Arts student – [CLICK to enlarge]


It was her studies and love of art that saw her involved in the Melbourne Arts scene of the early 1960’s.

While participating in the arts world she met a boy that would not only sweep Claire off her feet, but was destined to eventually become her husband as well as an absolute icon of Australian music in the 1960’s.

His name? Gerry Humphrys and he was part of what was one of Melbourne’s top Jazz bands – the Red Onions Jazz band.

listen to older voices: claire humphrys – part 2
Rebecca (Claire & Gerry’s daughter) Gerry and Claire, taken by Go Set 1966 in their local park, South Yarra – [CLICK to enlarge]

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