John Trescott Luis delivers fun-filled country rock anthem ‘Can’t Stay Here’

john trescott luis delivers fun-filled country rock anthem 'can't stay here'
©Sara Kauss Photography 2022

John Trescott Luis’ latest single ‘Can’t Stay Here’ embodies the nostalgic essence of country music intertwined with a touch of blues rock guile. The song is all about the exuding excitement in the prospect of meeting someone new in an American bar, a feeling a lot of us all too well. John channels this energy into memorable melodies and singalong chorus lines, underscoring his knack for creating music that resonates deeply with his ever expanding audience.

Recorded in the heart of Nashville, ‘Can’t Stay Here’ boasts a contemporary yet nostalgic country experience. John Trescott Luis possesses a contagious energy in this heartwarming blend of country with a distinctive blues rock twist, leaving a lasting impression.

He says “I’ve observed common occurrences in bars across the country. It’s an arena where everyone’s eyes meet, and for those seeking connections, summoning courage before opportunities slip away is key.”

‘Can’t Stay Here’ stands as a delightful treat for aficionados of country, Americana, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll. Check it out now and see for yourself.

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