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Costa Rica pop punk band Madame Whiskey are making waves with their latest fun-filled throwback single ‘Forward Fashion’. This electrifying single harks back to the golden era of 90s rock, drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Foo Fighters and Blink-182 with a playful edge.

Singalong chorus lines alongside a massive pop-punk band sound, this is a band that will enthral any lover of pop, punk, rock and everything in between. We sat down with the 4-piece to chat all about the new single, the process of it all, and what’s next for Madame Whiskey. Check it out below at TAGG!

Hey Madame Whiskey, welcome to TAGG! How are you doing?

Hey what’s up! We are doing great! Thanks for giving us this space to chat a bit. 


Sum up your next single ‘Forward Fashion’ for us in 3 words!

Catchy as fuck


You can hear the joy you put into your music, who are your main influences as a band?

We all have different influences but probably, Placebo, Foo Fighters, Movements, The Killers and Superdrag are common influences. 


What’s the music scene like in Costa Rica?

There’s a lot of great bands for sure, and there’s a lot happening lately, especially after the pandemic. It’s still a small scene because we are a small country but it’s definitely worth checking out. 


What was the recording and writing process like for ‘Forward Fashion’?

It was a great time. It was our first single working with our new label Long Beach Records LATAM and the guys made sure we had enough time and were relaxed enough to perform at top form. After that, our team made a great job on the mix and master.
Big thanks to our producers Rodrigo Castro and Mauricio Mora and our mixing engineer Carlos Dominguez. 


Favourite moment in the track for you?

That’s a hard one! The final scream and the outro stand out for us. As well as the bass/drum fill at the beginning of the second verse. 


And finally, what’s next for Madame Whiskey in 2024?

We have a busy year ahead. We will go to Guatemala for the second time this April and we will play all over Costa Rica on our national tour starting in may, together with our German friends Paul On Bridges and Exdirectory. We are also working on new music, and planning our next European tour together with some great new gear sponsors that joined our team.

Stream ‘Forward Fashion’ here:

Tom L.

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