French-American producer Lyli J releases new track “Ether”

Lyli J

Lily Jordy, also known as Lyli J, is a French-American musician who combines trip-hop, ambient, and indie electronica with complex IDM rhythms and Celtic melodies. 

Her parents encouraged her to take piano lessons at an early age after seeing her play back tunes from TV and radio when she was only three years old. Despite the fact that her musical background is more classical, Lyli also composed acoustic songs, learnt metal guitar, and played cello in local orchestras. With her family’s continual relocation, Lily found refuge in music wherever she went.

In 2011, she started her musical project after discovering electronic music while living in Montreal. She became enamored with Ableton Live and sampling her own recordings and her passion for music never stopped.

Her new electronica song “Ether” was inspired by a 2011 sketch that Lyli J had created. It was one of her first songs ever to be recorded using a DAW. Now, 12 years later, she was reminded of those exact eerie words and wished to give them more stirring, motivating melodies and textures.

The main pad and ethereal vocals are a tribute to the Scandinavian sky where you would spot an aurora borealis, as it is one of Lyli’s favorite atmospheres, even if the sound mimics grains and desert wind.

Plus.. who doesn’t like cats as artwork ?

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