Different Types of Dental Fillings: Which One Is Right for You?

different types of dental fillings: which one is right for you?

There’s no denying that dental hygiene and care have advanced significantly in the last hundred years. However, problems like tooth decay continue to affect thousands of Australians—both children and adults. To save your tooth from further decay, your dentist may suggest dental fillings.

If you are a resident of Balwyn, Victoria, getting regular dental checkups from a Balwyn dentist can help you detect early signs of tooth decay. While filling the cavity is a great way to prevent further decay, you need to know which dental filling type is right for you.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

This is one of the most widely used dental fillings all over the world. It is made using a combination of metals, including tin, mercury, silver, and gold. In most cases, mercury remains constant, while the rest of the filling contains a combination of the other metals. Some of the major benefits of silver amalgam fillings are as follows:

  • Due to the high durability of the materials, they last more than a decade on average
  • This is a cost-effective option
  • They prevent future cavities
  • They reduce the chances of tooth decay, which generally leads to tooth extraction.
  • You can chew almost all kinds of food after getting these amalgam fillings.

However, this type of filling is not suited for children under the age of 6, pregnant women, or people with certain pre-existing conditions or allergies to mercury.

Gold Fillings

Due to the high price of gold, this type of filling is not that common among average people. The filling is generally made using an alloy of gold, copper, and other metals. Some of the major advantages of this filling include the following:

  • Once applied, the filling lasts for about 15 years on average, as gold does not corrode easily
  • Since gold fillings have an aesthetic appeal, some people prefer them over other types of fillings

However, putting gold fillings in place can be a bit challenging for your dentist and may require multiple visits.

Ceramic Fillings

These fillings resemble natural teeth and are made of porcelain, which lasts longer than silver fillings. Some of the major advantages of ceramic fillings include the following:

  • Your teeth get an aesthetic appearance
  • Ceramic fillings are resistant to tooth stains
  • They can be customised to match your tooth colour

However, these fillings are quite expensive and may not last as long as the metal alternatives. Also, if the porcelain becomes rough, it can wear the opposing teeth.

Composite Fillings

This type of filling can closely match the colour of your teeth, making it an attractive option. The filling uses a composite resin consisting of plastic and fine glass. Some of the major advantages of this dental filling are as follows:

  • It offers the highest level of tooth structure conservation
  • You get the desired aesthetic look

Unfortunately, this filling lasts only about 5-7 years and can cost more than silver filling.

Acrylic Fillings

Acrylic filling, also known as glass ionomer, is a flexible sealant used in paste form to protect teeth from external conditions. This is ideal for children whose teeth are changing. Some of the major advantages of this type of filling include the following:

  • It is most likely to match the colour of your teeth
  • It does not require any extensive preparation
  • The filling bonds really well with the tooth
  • The filling releases fluoride, which strengthens the teeth

This filling is a great choice for the restoration of milk teeth or wisdom teeth. However, this type of filling is not very durable and lasts only about five years.

Which Type of Filling Is Right for Your Tooth?

Typically, your dentist will recommend the best option for filling your dental cavity based on several factors, including:

  • Your dental health
  • The extent of tooth decay
  • Your budget
  • Your lifestyle

If you have any particular preferences, you can share them with your dentist.


Visiting a dentist should not be a stressful experience, especially when you have a basic understanding of all the major dental filling types. All these options have their fair share of pros and cons. After a thorough examination of your dental health, your dentist will be able to better suggest which type of dental filling is right for you.

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