Classic Italian Experience For Your Coffee and Cakes In Melbourne

classic italian experience for your coffee and cakes in melbourne

Brunetti Oro is the home of coffee and cakes in Melbourne.

When you are looking for authentic Italian cuisine – savoury or sweet – Brunetti Oro is THE place to visit. You will find Brunetti Oro locations throughout the Melbourne area.

If you can’t visit, don’t worry. Brunetti also offers a takeaway service and online ordering.

Where To Find Your Nearest Brunetti Oro Location?

Finding your nearest Brunetti Oro location near you in Melbourne is easy. Simply type in Brunetti Oro near me in Google and your closest location pops up.

If a Google search is not for you, this is where you find Brunetti Oro in Melbourne. Brunetti is pleased to serve Melbourne residents and visitors at any of its locations:

Flinders Lane

250 Flinders Lane,

Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone  (03) 90693169

classic italian experience for your coffee and cakes in melbourne

Myer Melbourne

Level 3, Myer Melbourne Bourke Street,

Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone (03) 90693169

Brunswick HQ

48-54 Weston Street,

Brunswick, VIC 3056

Phone (03) 90693169

classic italian experience for your coffee and cakes in melbourne

Best Italian Cakes From Brunetti Oro

The Brunetti Oro patisserie team offers a fabulous range of cakes.

Some cakes are more popular than others. Check out the cake builder if you are looking for a special cake. This unique service from Brunetti Oro is a great way of ordering cakes for your special occasion.

When you need a cake quickly, the Same Day or Next Day delivery service are the best options.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

This is one of Brunetti Oro’s signature cakes. If you haven’t tried it yet, treat yourself next time your sweet tooth is calling you.

Chocolate Mousse cake from Brunetti Oro is an indulgent experience and perfect for chocolate lovers.  Crispy white pearls mingle in white and dark chocolate mousse.

The flourless base adds to the creaminess of this chocolate delight. The cake is finished with chocolate decorations. It tastes amazing and looks like a million dollars.


When you crave a sponge cake with a difference, you simply must try Nocciolato.

This is one of the most authentic Italian cakes from Brunetti Oro. It proves that this Italian Melbourne bakery and patisserie has a passion for great cakes.

Layers of sponge and cream compete for your taste buds. The cake is topped with finely chopped nuts and delicate chocolate wafers. When you get home, all you have to do is to add candles and you are ready for your celebration.

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

When you really want to indulge, you can’t go wrong with Brunetti Oro’s Cookies and Cream Cheesecake.

This is a super tasty treat offering you associate with a great cake and dessert.

The cake is filled with the best soft cheese and richly flavoured cookies. The best way to describe Cookies and Cream cheesecake from Brunetti Oro is as the ultimate sweet treat.

Pieces of cookies wait to burst in your mouth making this a truly mouth-watering delight. Serve with a sparkling Italian wine or a rich Italian coffee.

Great celebration cake for any occasion.

Almond and Orange Torte

If you have visited Italy, you would have seen the Italians enjoying their “torte.” A slice of torte is the perfect sweet delight to accompany a coffee or glass of sparkling wine.

Brunetti Oro offers this flourless almond and orange torte. It is the ultimate Italian sophisticated delight.

Made from ground almonds which highlight the sweet and citrusy essence of this cake. A sinful sweet delight and a great gluten-free option.

Perfect for enjoying in the morning or afternoon. Also makes a refreshing dessert after a rich meal.


Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert or cake.

Once you have tried this Tiramisu from Brunetti Oro, it is easy to understand why it is one of Italy’s most popular cakes and desserts.

Creamy mascarpone with a generous amount of chocolate gives this cake its classic Italian flavour. You don’t need to have a special occasion coming up to enjoy this cake.

The Best Italian Coffee in Melbourne

To complete your Italian experience, why not order coffee from Brunetti Oro?

Their range of premium coffees is specially blended to give you an authentic Italian coffee kick.

Brunetti offers their customers a premium blend of coffee made from beans selected from the best coffee bean growers in Ethiopia, India and Brazil.

It is a rich, nutty coffee roasted in Melbourne. From your first to your last sip, you pick up on dark chocolate nuances mixed with nutty highlights.

This premium blend coffee is perfect for homemade cappuccinos, expressos or just an Italian “coffee latte” for those early mornings. If you like a slightly creamier coffee, Brunetti Oro’s blend is just as perfect for a macchiato.

Experience Italian Vibes at Brunetti Oro

Thanks to Brunetti Oro’s takeaway and home delivery service, you can experience Italian vibes at home.

However, when you want to indulge your senses and treat yourself to a special day out, why visit a Brunetti Oro location in Melbourne?

You can enjoy savoury delights as well as all of the best sweet treats. A visit to Brunetti Oro gives you a chance to discover all of the pleasures this chain of Italian patisseries and eateries offers.

Not only does Brunetti Oro serve up the best cakes in Melbourne. You can also enjoy authentic Italian pizzas and other classic dishes from Italy.

Once you have enjoyed your main course, treat yourself to a tasty slice of cake or other offering from the patisserie counter.

The Last Morsel

Brunetti Oro in Melbourne is an experience – not only another restaurant or cake store.

The team behind Brunetti Oro revels in bringing you an authentic Italian experience that is hard to find outside of Italy.

Yes, they serve up sweet delights, but there is so much more to Brunetti Oro than meets the eye.

Take some time out of your busy life and savour some Italian “climate.” In other words, take it easy and enjoy all of the best life has to offer such as a nice cake or pizza baked to perfection.

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