CHKLZ: From Canine Love to Worldwide Music Career

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CHKLZ stands out not just for their sound but for their heart. DJ iLL Choppo and LeMarshawn Jean, the duo behind CHKLZ, found inspiration in a small white dog named Charlie. Rescued on a scorching Fourth of July in Phoenix, Charlie, or “Chuckles,” became the muse for their mission to build a musical community that transcends boundaries and embraces everyone. Discovered on a sweltering Fourth of July in Phoenix, Charlie, affectionately called “Chuckles”, inspired the duo’s commitment to creating an inclusive musical community. LeMarshawn Jean came up with the name CHKLZ as a unique homage to Charlie.

At the core of CHKLZ is a lively, fun-loving spirit, not only as individuals but as artists, a quality that infuses their music and electrifies their live performances. The essence of CHKLZ’s sound—rich, intricately layered rhythms enhanced by live effects—draws heavily on DJ iLL Choppo’s two decades of experience as a touring drummer. Their meticulous integration of live percussion and FX ensures each show is a unique, vibrant experience, epitomizing their Groove Fiesta genre.

During their tour with the heavy metal band Okilly Dokilly from 2018 to 2022, CHKLZ performed in 36 US states and 20 countries, charming audiences with the hit “White Wine Spritzer”. This fan favorite became the anthem of their shows, creating memorable nights and packed venues.

A pivotal moment in their career came with their performance at Friendzy Fest 2023 in Alberta, Canada. Initially expecting an early slot, a fortunate turn of events placed them in a prime nighttime slot, catapulting them into the spotlight. This serendipitous scheduling significantly boosted their festival, out-of-state, and headliner bookings. The success at Friendzy Fest was a turning point, amplifying their international presence and allowing their dynamic live performances to reach a wider audience.

As CHKLZ accelerates toward an exhilarating lineup of shows in 2024, they extend a warm invitation to both loyal fans and new listeners to join in on the ‘Pawesomeness’ that defines their journey.

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