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Carolyn Swindell’s Why DIY?

carolyn swindell’s why diy?
Carolyn Swindell's Why DIY?
Smart people learn from their mistakes. A genius learns from someone else’s. This show can make you a genius.

Who better to take life advice from than a former advisor to Bronwyn Bishop?

Fresh from a sold out season at the Sydney Fringe Festival and shortlisted for the Festival’s Best in Comedy, Carolyn Swindell’s Why DIY? is hitting the road for the first time.

Better for your blood pressure than an episode of Q&A. Part stand-up, part half-arsed self-help workshop. All fun.

Drawing on her career that spans being Santa’s (most reluctant) elf to a brand manager for a bottle of water, to smoothing the media waters for some errant rugby league players, it’s politics, it’s sport, it’s science, it’s cocktails. It’s solid gold, A-grade advice for living your life.

Ok, you won’t necessarily become a better person, but you will feel like you’re at least a better person than Carolyn.

You’re welcome.

NOTE: RRP listed is for a double pass

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15/04/2020 6.00pm (AEST) until 18/04/2020 7.00pm (AEST) | Admin Fee $10.00 | Book Tickets

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23-25 Hardware Ln
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