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Psychologist, Author, Theatre Director, Spokesperson on psychology for the media, radio and TV.

Veneto Club Melbourne Choir 1st Showcase Concert

veneto club melbourne choir 1st showcase concert
review by Meredith Fuller psychologist | theatre maker | Soiree & Salon holder What do men need? To be part of a choir like the Veneto CLub's marvellous choir of men aged from 89 to late 70's, and with one 45 year old! Well,...

Susan-Ann Walker is ‘Not Quite RIGHT’ dir Theresa Borg

susan-ann walker is ‘not quite right’ dir theresa borg
Reviewed by Meredith Fuller psychologist, theatre director, and fellow childhood resident of 'Beige East Bentleigh' This magnificent cabaret show was written and performed by Susan-Ann Walker - a long term star of musical theatre who grew up in 'beige East Bentleigh', and eventually returned to...

Screening of OZLINKED (pilot project 2019) Ana Isabel & Gary Wall GLAMM Productions Review by Meredith Fuller

screening of ozlinked (pilot project 2019) ana isabel & gary wall glamm productions review by meredith fuller
Laughed right through this premiere screening, along with all the cast & crew, and guests. Australians love their local comedy, and this would appeal to anyone – GLAMM has captured the essence of our society and what ails us, and any viewer could find...

Play ‘Zander’s Boat’ by Grace Barnes Review by Meredith Fuller

play ‘zander’s boat’ by grace barnes review by meredith fuller
“We tell stories in Shetland – we’re good at that. It’s a place full of darkness. It’s hard, cold, with a wind that cuts clean in two. And everywhere the eye turns to look it finds the sea.” ‘At the edge of the sea three...

‘MAROONED’ a play by Michael Gray Griffith produced by Rohana Hayes

MAROONED the play
18 – 28 September 2019 Review by Meredith Fuller Southbank Theatre, The Lawler PRESENTED BY The Wolves Theatre Company Four souls are Marooned in a room in the afterlife. They have no connection other than they have all tried but failed to take their own lives. They don’t...

‘MEI LING IN MELBOURNE’ written by Moni Lai Storz, dir Wolf Heidecker,

‘mei ling in melbourne’ written by moni lai storz, dir wolf heidecker,
Immerse yourselves in an experience at the SINGING WOK review by Meredith Fuller ‘MEI LING IN MELBOURNE’ By Moni Lai Storz, dir Wolf Heidecker, CAST Isabelle Wang, Marie-Therse Byrne, Karan Bhatia, Keam-Mar Lai CREW Phil Trainer, Richard Lyford-Pike. I have known Moni Lai Storz since 1975, when she was...

THEATRE Four Dogs and a Bone by John Patrick Shanley

Review by Meredith Fuller Psychologist, Author, Playwright Another winner from Q44 Theatre, directed by Artistic Director & Founder of Q44 Theatre Company Gabriella Rose-Carter, May 9 – 26 Bradley – Kostas Ilias Brenda – Xanthe Gunner Collette – Tania Knight Victor – William Atkinson Q44 models consistent production excellence; meticulous...

Tete-a-Tete interview with Meredith Fuller on acting, ensemble work, what directors look for, running a theatre production

In this Video, Lesley Coleman of Mystical Dog, interviews Meredith Fuller psychologist, author, playwright and director, about psych tips to assist actors, and how to be a valued member of an ensemble

‘Love on a Faultline’ Cecile Ravell

BOOK REVIEW by Meredith Fuller Psychologist & Author, Lifemember Australian Association of Psychological Type AusAPT This book, by a member of AusAPT (Australian Association of Psychological Type) certainly contributes to our search for triumphant healing, and a retrospective understanding for those destructive relationships that can...

Melbourne International Comedy Festival RED NOODLE BLUE Jacob Sacher & Jack McGorlick

Melbourne International Comedy Festival RED NOODLE BLUE Jacob Sacher & Jack McGorlick Review by Meredith Fuller psychologist, author, theatre maker The show is best described as an absurdist time-traveling mystery narrative sketch comedy by a confident, perceptive young comedy duo. Alongside the audience, I spent...