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A Lazy Day in Las Playitas, Fuerteventura

I had no idea what sort of day I would be having when friends Gaynor and Paul invited me to lunch in Las Playitas, a tiny village on Fuerteventura’s east coast, a little north of Gran Tarajal. Mid-morning, we set off from Puerto del...

Book Review: The Mentor by Lee Matthew Goldberg

book review: the mentor by lee matthew goldberg
About The Mentor Kyle Broder has achieved his lifelong dream and is an editor at a major publishing house. When Kyle is contacted by his favorite college professor, William Lansing, Kyle couldn’t be happier. Kyle has his mentor over for dinner to catch up and introduce...

Book Review: The Unholy by Paul deBlassie III

book review: the unholy by paul deblassie iii
About The Unholy The Unholy is a dramatic story of Claire Sanchez, a young medicine woman, intent on discovering the closely-guarded secrets of her past. Forced into a life-and-death battle against an evil Archbishop, William Anarch, she confronts the dark side of religion and the...

A Day Out and About in Fuerteventura

When I planned to spend a month on this fascinating Canary Island, I imagined getting around on public buses and placing my faith in their esoteric timetables. Instead, my fabulous friends here are showing me around. Yesterday, photographer and artist JF Olivares took me...

A morning stroll in Puerto del Rosario

a morning stroll in puerto del rosario
I had no idea when I booked an entire month in an apartment in central Puerto del Rosario that I would fall for this little port city. Little, as it has a population of 40,000, which is half the population of Fuerteventura. Formerly Puerto...

Arriving in Fuerteventura

arriving in fuerteventura
Flying from the Gold Coast to Fuerteventura to arrive at the equivalent latitude in the north is a journey not to be sniffed at. It took 44 hours of travelling door to door, involving an airport shuttle, four planes, a lift in a car,...

Book Review: Follow Him by Craig Stewart

book review: follow him by craig stewart
About Follow Him True love doesn’t die – it devours. Just outside the sleepy town of Dreury, a mysterious cult known as The Shared Heart has planted its stakes. Its followers are numerous. More join every day. Those who are lost and suffering seem to...

Book Review: Bullets, Teeth and Fists 3 by Jason Beech

book review: bullets, teeth and fists 3 by jason beech
    BULLETS, TEETH, & FISTS 3 She’s heavily pregnant. She’s handcuffed to a pipe. The clock is ticking. Belle, the heavily pregnant wife of an important man, is bundled into the back of a car, held against her will, and cuffed to a pipe in an...

Responding to the Fires

responding to the fires
It is now three weeks after a devastating bushfire tore through my old home town Cobargo, part of a fire apocalypse that has razed an area of Australia about the size of England. Fires in various locations in Australia are still burning. The fire...

Blackthorn Book Tours: Death of a Young Lieutenant by B R Stateham

blackthorn book tours: death of a young lieutenant by b r stateham
About Death of a Young Lieutenant Meet Captain Jake Reynolds – pilot, adventurer, art thief, spy. In the opening weeks of World War One, and as a member of the newly formed British Royal Flying Corps, Captain Jake Reynolds is shipped off to Belgium. Roped in by...