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Politics & Hate

Politics & Hate
Aren't we lucky here in Melbourne? A population of 4.9 million, with infrastructure capable of supporting about 3 million. Is there anything wrong with this picture? Er, well my blood oath there is! What about the use of immigration to fake an economy? If you took away the building of new dwellings to house New Aussies, then the smoke&mirrors that...


Theatre Review @ Red Stitch
THEATRE REVIEW by Colin Talbot Desert 6.29pm A play by Morgan Rose @ Red Stitch until December 15 It wasn’t until I’d returned home after seeing this play that I got the central issue. And I had to be told by the friend I’d attended the play with. ‘No,’ I said. ‘Where was that? Who told us that?’ ‘All the signs were there,’ she said. 'They were?' 'Yes,'...


(In memory of Princess Diana, Goddess) NOVEL REVIEW ‘Ruffian In Waiting’ by James Murray (Arcadia) I was at the MCG with friends watching Collingwood play Kangaroos. My good friend Tony, salt of the earth had been waiting 25 years for his Melbourne Cricket Club membership and it had come through that week. He let us use it because he’d been diagnosed with melanoma and...

American Song by Joanna Murray-Smith

american song  by joanna murray-smith
Was it only last week that some f*ck-up in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, used a bunch of fully-automatic weapons to machine-gun a country music concert. Thousands ran in horror, about 500 were shot, some 59 fatally. The President, Mr Trump, in his usual pomp, said it was good the lost souls were now in heaven. And by coincidence (obviously)...

A life outside of rock & roll – 3

a life outside of rock & roll – 3
How someone met a drummer some time back by colin talbot   Dateline: New York City, a while back Nine years and a bit ago, Mitch Mitchell, drummer in the three-piece Jimi Hendrix Experience, died in Portland, Oregon. They said it was ‘natural causes’ with the quote around the phrase, so maybe they mean alcohol and/or drugs. Mitch, aged 62, was found in...

A life outside of rock & roll – 2

talking st kilda blues tex, don & charlie - memo, st kilda. a review hijacked a bit by a life in tatters (but it's cool - not really totally tattered) by colin talbot So last week at Memo Hall in St Kilda, we decided to taste popular music again and so it was Tex, Don & Charlie on Sunday evening. Three rock&roll artists at...

A life outside of rock & roll – 1

a life outside of rock & roll – 1
 (from Wikipedia) James Keith O'Neill Edwards, DFC (23 March 1920 – 7 July 1988) was an English comedy writer and actor on radio and television, best known as Pa Glum in Take It From Here and as headmaster "Professor" James Edwards in Whack-O!      reflections on nearly interviewing Jimmy Edwards, Radio/TV star by colin talbot 1. I used to work for TV Week and...

Incognito a one-act play at Red Stitch Theatre, East St Kilda.

incognito a one-act play at red stitch theatre, east st kilda.
There's no doubt  Incognito is a fascinating and adventurous piece of theatre.  What else? Okay, intriguing and mysterious. And the probability is that some audiences will totally get it, the possibility is also some (members of this audience or that) will leave scratching their noggins, trying to stimulate the grey matter inside the skull...for the brain is a locus for the...


review: michael wilding’s new novel
A REVIEW BY COLIN TALBOT IN THE VALLEY OF THE WEED by MICHAEL WILDING, (ARCADIA)   Michael Wilding is/was/is a Sydney University academic, a reader in literature modern & less modern. He has written on Milton, Jack London, Christina Stead, himself, and most recently, on 19th Century Marvellous Melbourne's Yorick Club. The name from Hamlet where in Act Whatever, Hamlet, as I...

Rickie Lee Jones – A Review by Colin Talbot

rickie lee jones – a review by colin talbot
Rickie Lee Jones--Me & Ms Jones, there's a thing going on...She & band played the Recital Hall which is a far far cry from Festival Hall or Rod Laver, thankfully. It is a mature venue, the like of which did not exist in my youth. And I'd never heard hardly anything RLJ had done apart from 'Chuck E's in...