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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Politics & Hate



Aren’t we lucky here in Melbourne? A population of 4.9 million, with infrastructure capable of supporting about 3 million. Is there anything wrong with this picture? Er, well my blood oath there is!

What about the use of immigration to fake an economy? If you took away the building of new dwellings to house New Aussies, then the smoke&mirrors that ScoMo tries to generate to hide his empty fiscal ideas palette re The Budget, would drift off revealing just another hollow treasurer skulking behind (Ahoy Peter Costello!!). And we’ve had a couple of these. One of them, a cigar-lover’ a gifted dancer, now a golfing with Mr Trump guy in Florida and introducing the USA to the sort of fine mind they can expect when in Down Under, once offered us a most upalatable budget. An unspeakable richboy stench arose from it. Society rejected it. We rejected it. We showed him to be, just from the revelation of that budget document, a laughing stock…or more so perhaps.

And talking about ScoMo, gee, more power to his desperate and pathetic attempts to give a big tax break to the Banks. Why shouldn’t we help the banks? Obviously there’s the ‘trickle-down’ policy where it’s so so so obvious that any money we give to the rich will eventually trickle down to the working poor. Very obvious. Here’s an example: Say the tax break gives a Bank an extra $100 million profit. Well using trickle-down, it means that about a decade later the poor will have benefited by bugger-all. Yes, that is the official term. Stuff-all. They are giving it to us fair up the keister with a long and ragged pole. Very nasty. As an example, in USA when Trump borrowed to pump up his coffers, and then gave The Rich, such as Big Pharma,  lots of cash last year…as far as my economics and limited understanding, a tax break for the super mega rich funded entirely by… borrowed loot!!!

Well one major Big Playa, I am told, took the cash, instigated a share buy-back scheme with all that extra cash, essentially privatising the Pharma Company, then sacked a 100 scientists who were working on desperately needed solutions or antidotes for cancers and other body sorrows. You don’t expect an (whatever he is- perhaps) unspeakable fuckhat, like La Trumpet to do anything for anyone anywhere except himself but here in Oz, we’re better than that. Or used to be. Because ScoMo’s brilliant notion isn’t much different. We, the people, will get nothing from this disgraceful gift to The Big. The Banks have already shown via the Royal Commission they are there to dump faecal matter (aka pooh) on us. Instead of giving them free condominiums and deluxe sex-workers at luxury beachspots, perhaps we could jail some of them, fire some of them, put some of them in stocks. (oh, HI this is a shout-out to Kelly O’Dwyer, the Liberal and her shabby volte-face – gee, how is it that a politician, supposedly here to represent us, to be for our interests, can be so off-the-ball? Well, she’s a politician. Is it that they don’t care? Surely not it’s just job-keeping ambition).

I never thought I would come back to the late 60s/early 70s and once again agree with the policy of Eat The Rich, Smash The State and so on. But the way we are being ripped off is – well, The Big want us to be like America, where you need to hold down at least three low-paying jobs to try and make the rent. Where there is no medical cover, where the tip you leave at the cafe is FACTORED IN to their wage! It makes the service industry in America a totaly differerent prospect when you are placed, as a worker, in this position —to say nothing of being forced to be a tipper – and money doesn’t grow on treees you know!!! I was always told. I knew that was a lie, for where else would the damn stuff grow? Just silly. Yes, there is a concerted effort to turn us into mini-me USA. Look at the official name changes of Brisvegas and Geetroit, it is happening and from now on as the low-paid are attacked again and again and the flow of capital is always to The Big End of Town, reflect on the Notion, ‘Eat The Rich’. Not literally, most of us will be Vegan by then axcording to Dog-Star scriptures that I have been quietly given access to – amazing!

Yes, it is time to Bring back The Biff into Political Discourse. It’s not just The Liberal/Nats, though of course they are by far the worse. No, Labor is a motley Crew who should years ago have had the guts to oppose Negative – Gearing and Other Tax Breaks for property investors. But they are gutless.  The total destruction of the traditional path to work & save to buy a house is finished. It will never be again. The sorrow of a Damaged Nation (as we shall always be until we have resolved the Treaty/Constitution/Republic issues all at one go wells up and overtakes me. I am too emotional to continue with this intelligent and incisive hateful rant. I fear for my country because we have been hijacked like a trainful of decent people held-up in 1887 by bushrangers…and of course the thoroughly decent people in the train were quite possible selfish haters of everything not central to themselves and too stupid to know the difference – but I’m just guessing…in fact not even guessing. Just proposing a maybe.

No all’s I say is that while the houses of parliament are taken up with the two major sides just slagging off at each other and blaming each other instead of working on social fairness and the economy and the environment, then the system will be absolutely stuffed and rooted too. If you pay taxes, or if you ever did, or maybe did (well we all pay GST on food etc so we all pay tax now) then why should we accept this rancid and tossified screaming match on OUR dollar. It’s time these…wtf…need to do the job we pay them to do. Make this country Great Again…oops, where did that notion come from???

Well it’s not Trump inspired, we were once great. We led the world on education, social security, women’s suffrage for we gave women the Vote early in a world view—ahead even of Westminster, our Colonial Master…. but now the awful, but delightful ‘mouse-that-rorared’ Truth!!! Once again it was the NZ part of ANZAC that…er…trumped us. New Zealand women (and when they come to live in Oz they are, I think the term is ‘Oziwi’s, Kiwis turned Oz) were all given the vote in 1893!! We enshrined such a fact for this country in The Oz Constitution in 1902 that all women (unless you were Indigenous woman and therefore NOT all women!! And not even all men. Aboriginal men and woman were NOT recognised as citizens or—was it human, a person, a mate, one of us, – until the 1960s, until finally a referendum in 1967 overwhelmingly (the only overwhelming Referendum result ever) granted full person rights to our Indigenous Bros, Sus’s & Aunties, Uncles & Cousins. And we slowly, slooooowly, began to grant social nicities, and an okay wage, and education, and land and etc, so that maybe one day, we’ll all be equal as is our right. Oh, the LNP don’t know this? Oh, Okay…Well, All Conservatives and backward-looking folk you ought to – ah sdtuff it what’s the use, they’ve never changed and probably never will. Time to go back to the 70s, Take Back The Night, Take to The Streets, Direction Action, BAMN etc. Nothing else works. Oh,except using more money than them.

by Colin Tad Talbot