Post-holiday season I will be back on stage presenting my brand new live show “An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music”. A celebration and exploration of dance music sub-genres through the ages. Replete with lasers, lights and haze.

Throughout lockdowns I began exploring the world of electronic dance music. Some of you might remember my live Twitch streams experimenting with sub-genres like disco, trance, the music of Kraftwerk and Daft Punk, and oh, don’t forget Infected Mushroom!

The exciting news I have to share is that 2022 is a new album release year! My new album “An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music” will be a studio-recorded collection of the music I perform at these live shows throughout the year.

My pilot show is happening on Sunday 23rd January at The Worker’s Club. This show is the first in a series of upcoming EDM-inspired concerts with lights, incredible sound, triggers, drum machines and vocal FX units. It’s a show that celebrates us all being back together again on a dance floor.

My long-time collaborator Justin Olsson will be joining me for this project on drum kit, triggers and samples. There’ll be neon, dress-ups, discotheque vibes and lots of love.

Tickets are available now here. I am also very excited to announce that the night will kick off with music by Charlie Needs Braces. You can find out more about her incredible project here.

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Have a safe and happy holiday season and see you in the new year. Love xani xx

Mick Pacholli

Mick created TAGG - The Alternative Gig Guide in 1979 with Helmut Katterl, the world's first real Street Magazine. He had been involved with his fathers publishing business, Toorak Times and associated publications since 1972.  Mick was also involved in Melbourne's music scene for a number of years opening venues, discovering and managing bands and providing information and support for the industry. Mick has also created a number of local festivals and is involved in not for profit and supporting local charities.        

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