Alex Winston’s New Track ‘Special Feeling’: A Captivating Indie-Pop Journey

alex winston's new track 'special feeling': a captivating indie-pop journey

Photo credit: Matthew Libassi


Detroit-born singer-songwriter Alex Winston has once again graced us with her musical brilliance in her latest single, ‘Special Feeling’. This indie-pop treasure showcases Winston’s unique voice. A beautiful song where it’s hard to tell where her voice ends and the music begins – they simply become one.

‘Special Feeling’ delves into the relatable paradox of craving recognition while fearing vulnerability. With introspective lyrics and captivating guitar melodies, Winston explores the artist’s struggle in a way that resonates deeply with listeners.

Having already garnered critical acclaim for her debut album and notable collaborations, Winston’s career is marked by versatility and resilience. Despite facing setbacks, her dedication to music remains unwavering.

The third single from her highly anticipated upcoming album, ‘Special Feeling’ perfectly embodies the album’s theme. With this track, Alex Winston is set to reclaim her place as a leading voice in indie-pop.

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