This fun, new sketch comedy show for children and families is a thrilling journey full of puppetry, clowning, song and of course, plenty of Trash!

With a whole host of new, original puppet characters, including Crabs, Sea Slugs, Penguins, Sea Horses & a Puffer Fish, joining our Porpoise and starring character “Merf”, audiences will be mesmerized by the diversity of sea creatures and the stories, song and jokes they share.

a new, hilarious trash puppets adventure under the sea for families in the school holidays

Trash with a Porpoise has the format of a sketch comedy show with short, punchy, hilarious sketches, whilst exploring the themes of marine waste, and how we can address it. The show includes participatory elements, wherein the audience will be called upon to help us, including call and response and even inviting some audience members to help us on stage!

Presented by La Mama Kids, as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the show is deliberately priced at a very affordable $10 a ticket, to provide an accessible school holiday outing for local families.

This new original show, created with and for children, saw Trash Puppets Director and Artists travelling to Portland in December 2021 to complete a Residency at Bundarra Primary school in Portland. This work with the kids generated full sketch ideas, costuming ideas, set design, soundscapes, puppet inspiration, as well as the kids contributing their ideas and opinions around sustainability relating to our oceans and waterways. The cast recently returned to Portland to preview the show for the entire school, and were thrilled to hear constant laughter from the kids in Prep right through to Grade 6.

Trash Puppets Creative Director and Director of Trash with a Porpoise Jhess Knight shared:

“They were so fantastic to work with. We are definitely hoping to capture their enthusiasm and spirit into this show. We wanted them to see the show and recognize their work on the stage.”

a new, hilarious trash puppets adventure under the sea for families in the school holidays

Trash Puppets are strong believers in not underestimating children, in their humour, their depth, and in

their understanding of the world. This show will provide actionable ways that we can all make a difference for our environment, empowering audiences to take small steps in their everyday lives that all-together can make big change.

“I am hoping that the show will be a conversations starter between caregivers and children. At Trash Puppets we have always believed in engagement through play. Rather than drilling them with dry information, let’s have fun, and learn some things in the process. They may not even realize how much they are learning through all the laughs!” Jess said.

The cast is an amazing group of performers with backgrounds in dance, musical theatre, stage combat, puppetry, clowning, puppetry and work for kids.

Trash Puppets are also offering an additional hands-on creative experience for kids, with fun puppet making workshops between the shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, also for only $10 a ticket. In these workshops, kids can create their very own, one-of-a kind puppet, made completely out of recycled materials!

Trash with a Porpoise is Directed by Jhess Knight

Puppet Design by Jhess Knight and Mads Hillam

Produced by Jen Gay, Packed House Productions

Performed by Jemima Eva, Joseph Lai and Julia Landberg

Images by Jarryd Bravo


Trash with a Porpoise Season Details

Dates: 20 – 24 April, 2022               Times: Wed, Thurs, Fri: 11:30 am & 2 pm; Sat: 10 am & 1 pm; Sun: 10 am

Running time: 50 mins                    Venue: La Mama Courthouse, 349 Drummond Street, Carlton VIC

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