A Guide to Using Hair Extensions to Enhance Your Style In 2024

a guide to using hair extensions to enhance your style in 2024

Everyone wants to have long hair, obliviously!

However, it’s not always possible to give the best care to your long strands. The reasons could be so many – either you have a tedious schedule or you may have difficulty styling it, it can take a lot of time if you want to keep your long hair shiny and bouncy always.

All being said, you also want to see yourself in long hair once in a while. So, what to do to fulfil your desire but not at the expense of your time and effort – the answer is hair extensions.

Extensions have been in existence for a long time. People use them for a lot of reasons, whether to give an instant change to the look or to enhance the volume of the natural hair – you can use hair extensions in any style you want.

The modern hair extensions in Melbourne will give you the proper shape and style that you want to envision. There are various shops in the city that have extensions both in natural and artificial form to suit your style and budget. Whenever you want to give your hair a makeover, you can visit or browse online and get the style you want for the occasion.

Choosing Hair Extensions

Though extensions are not part of your natural hair, you have to select them so that they naturally blend with your original hair.

Before selecting any random extensions, you have to know the type of your hair. List down the characteristics of your hair – whether it’s soft or curly, straight or wavy, thin or thick, and finally the colour.

Depending on these attributes of your hair, you have to start browsing the different types of hair extensions. Though they are just extensions, make sure to avoid selecting poor-quality extensions. They not only degrade the total appearance of your hair but can also give rise to hygienic issues. You have to be careful in choosing the extensions so that they aren’t anything except for enhancing your style, grace, and elegance.

Additionally, the colour of the extensions is also an important factor to consider. Poorly matched colour will give a divided look to your hair and it breaks your total beauty. People will first notice your improperly matched hair and you may not get the kind of attention that you seek when you go out in public.

Who Can Use Hair Extensions?

Anyone who wants to increase the thickness or length of the original hair can use extensions.

There’s no particular reason to use them – hair extensions let you try different hairstyles that are otherwise impossible with your original hair. You can increase volume and length and also frame the hair according to your face and skin type. There are many advantages in using extensions and that is why you can see all kinds of people using them.

In particular, those who are looking to give a temporary solution to their hair in terms of thickness and length can use extensions. Also, if you want to try a new hair colour, instead of dyeing them, you can use the desired colour extensions to know how they would look on you. If you like the colour, then you can dye your original hair so that you look exactly the way you want.

There are some people who use extensions on a daily basis. As there are various kinds of extensions that help you achieve the desired look, it only takes practice in taking and putting them on to use them as you need.

Additionally, people of all age groups can use the extensions. All you need is to know how to correctly choose the extensions that suit your hair and skin colour.

When you visit or browse online for various kinds of extensions, you can get a good idea of how to use and browse them.

Best Hair Extensions Melbourne

Types of Hair Extensions:

Extensions are mainly of three types – keratin-applied, weaves, and tape/clip-in hair extensions.

In the first type, extensions have a dry glue base that can attached to your real hair. They are a permanent setting and don’t leave much space for your natural hair to grow. Though they can be removed, applied and maintained – you have to do them under expert supervision.

Weaves, the second type, are the extensions that you can braid them to your natural hair. It’s a complex process that can take a lot of time and it’s not possible to do it at home.

Finally, the user-friendly and easiest type of hair extensions is tape or clip-in extensions. Extensions come with a tape or clip that you can attach them easily to your scalp. Covering the attached part with your natural hair is enough to have the hairstyle that you desire.  Using these extensions is one of the fun and easy to change your hairstyle.

Caring For the Hair Extensions

If you want to use hair extensions frequently, then you have to know how to care for them. Whether you are using natural or synthetic hair extensions, maintaining and storing them properly will let you use the extensions for a longer time. You can maintain the shine and lustre so that it resonates naturally with your original hair.

Here are some tips that you should follow:

  • Brush hair extensions every day to prevent tangles so that they blend well with your natural hair.
  • Make sure to use lots of hair conditioner. Maintaining the health of your scalp is important when using extensions.
  • Don’t attach too many extensions as it can weigh down your head and create headaches and pressure on your scalp.
  • Give the same effort and care to your extensions as you do to your natural hair.
  • Choose a shampoo that’s free of harsh chemicals and ingredients.
  • If you are going swimming, take proper and relevant care of your hair extensions so that the chlorine doesn’t affect the hair extensions.


In the modern world, almost everyone is eager to use hair extensions. It’s not only for increasing volume or length but also to change your hairstyle however you want. So having proper knowledge of using the extensions is necessary if you want to include them in your daily life. Learning about different types, care and maintenance, and proper usage of extensions will let you enjoy your hair in whatever style you choose.

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