A Beginner’s Guide: What You Need to Know About the Mining Industry

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The mining industry has been around for many years now. Today, we can see different golds, jewels, diamonds, etc., on the market thanks to mining. As you know, this industry produces excellent returns if you know where to invest.

Before placing your money in the mining industry, be sure to take the time to educate yourself. Of course, investing requires your hard-earned money and effort. So, it would be extremely helpful to invest in a company that ensures return and dividends. To introduce you to mining stocks, read on below.

Types of Assets in the Mining Industry

Mining assets can be divided into two categories: projects and operating mines. These two also have their types under them. Read the following to get to know them.

  • Projects

The mining projects can be divided into the exploration & feasibility stage and planning & construction phases. 

  • Exploration & Feasibility. Miners would explore down the mines to locate ores economically viable to mine. They would find mineral anomalies and then take a sample of the mine to detect if there is a find. It’s also possible to find ores through drilling programs and resource definitions.
  • Planning & Construction. When the workers find an operational and potential mine, the second phase, the planning and construction, will occur. This process begins with applying for permits and licenses, proceeding with economic studies, and refining plans for the mines. 
  • Another thing that must develop in this stage is infrastructure development. Since mines are usually located in remote areas, the construction of electricity and roads is required to work efficiently.
  •  Operating Mines

The asset is officially considered an operating mine when the operation is set to start. The ore would be extracted, processed, and refined during operation to produce the metal we use commercially and in other forms. 

After all the metal is extracted from the mine, the workers will begin the closing process. This process can usually take many years since it includes cleaning the mine, reclamation, and monitoring it for the environment. The closing process is critical to ensure that the company takes necessary precautions to avoid further climate change.

How do you buy mining shares?

When buying mining shares, look up mining companies, royalties, the best countries to invest in, and mining exchange-traded funds on the market. For example, Australia is known for its beautiful landscapes, enjoyable activities, and bountiful mines! So, if you’re interested in investing in the country’s mining industry, you can easily look up the top Mining Stocks ASX to watch this year.

Don’t forget to carefully evaluate the company you purchase stocks from and the contract before signing. Also, look for a company with low-cost procedures, which ensures a significant gain. Naturally, it would help avoid companies with massive debt since it can affect your investment.

How do you choose how to invest?

Mining stocks have two kinds, junior mining stocks and major mining stocks. As an eager mining investor, you may wonder which of these two you should invest in. The answer would depend on what you’re looking for in an investment. 

Junior mining stocks have the potential to offer a more significant appreciation on the market. However, there are some risks to it. On the other hand, if you want a lower-risk investment with the potential for dividends and a good appreciation, consider major mining stocks instead.

Of course, you have to remember that investing alone comes with risks and advantages. In the end, you have to weigh the pros and cons before placing that investment.

Do mining industries pay dividends?

Yes, some companies would pay dividends. However, not every company would produce this. Usually, the big and more established companies would mostly pay dividends. But smaller and less-established industries wouldn’t since these starting companies have to reinvest the earnings back into the company to grow their funds.

But, first, what are dividends? It is when a company distributes cash or stock to a class of stockholders. The dividends are drawn from the company’s earnings in the mining operations. 

Key Terms to Understand

If you’re thinking of investing in mining stocks, then you should at least know and understand the following terms:

  • Ore: it’s a rock that contains metal. 
  • Grade: the amount of metal contained in the ore per unit.
  • Recovery: after extracting the metal in the ore, recovery is the percentage of recovered metal.
  • Payability: refers to the amount of cash paid or the metal percentages paid full price.
  • Production: how much metal gets produced every year.
  • Cash costs: the overall mining site costs; this includes labour, milling, mining, consumables, and energy.

In Conclusion

If you’re currently looking for an industry to invest your money in, consider the mining industry. The industry has been around for ages worldwide; it’s only just that investors place their money on a booming business and will ensure results. Just be sure to research the company or mine that you’re thinking of investing in.

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