A Beginner’s Guide To Gel Blaster Guns

a beginner’s guide to gel blaster guns
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Are you looking for a way to take your gaming experience to the next level? Perhaps a gel blaster gun might just be what you’re looking for.

If you are fond of first-person shooter games and curious about playing them in real life, then you can get started with a basic model.

However, keep in mind that a gel blaster gun might be mistaken for real firearms, especially by people who are unfamiliar with them. Hence, stay informed and be familiar with gel blaster laws in NSW before buying. Otherwise, you could get in trouble with the authorities.

The list below should help you get started on your gel blaster gun journey.

Set A Budget

The cost of gel blaster guns varies. But you can start with a $200 to $300 budget; with that price range, you get many choices. Otherwise, if you want to get a starter kit, it should cost around $400 for a decent one. 

These are some tips to consider when looking for a budget-friendly blaster gun:

  • Reviews – Aside from doing your research, it’s best to check out the reviews before purchasing. This will set your expectations on how the gel blaster gun looks and if they work well. You’d also be aware of any issues with the blaster gun if there are any.
  • Brand – Go for proven brands. It will be a good start for your collection if you plan on getting more in the future.
  • Model – It’s good to think about what games you’re going to use it on. This will help you pick the suitable model to use for that game. However, an assault rifle will do fine for beginners.
  • Weight – Choose a blaster that you can carry without having to slow down. If it’s too heavy, it will affect your gameplay.

You may be tempted to get something far less cheap to save money and spend for upgrades later; that will work too. However, you might get frustrated because you don’t know which upgrades are worth it. Thus, it’s best to do your research.

a beginner’s guide to gel blaster guns

Pick The Right Size

Pick the right size gel blaster gun, something that you can comfortably carry and fit your hands. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble pulling the trigger during gameplay if the firearm you purchased is too small for you.

In addition, if you’re tall, don’t get a short stock or barrel. You’d have a hard time aiming and controlling the gun. If you’re short, it’s best to avoid long blaster guns. You’ll have to stretch out your arms to reach the trigger.

Also, it helps if you take a quick look in the mirror and see how you look while holding it. If you look awkward, try different sizes.

Choose A Quality Build

You must get a good quality build for your first blaster gun. It may cost you money, but it will last longer than cheaper blasters. And it performs better. If you think about it, you’re actually saving money. Furthermore, you’ll also need to spend money on accessories.

Get The Right Accessories

After getting the best build, you can start choosing the right accessories to complete your gel blaster gun gameplay experience. And here are the basic accessories you’ll need:

  • Ammunition – Choosing the correct type of gel ball is important. Medium strength is suitable for blasters firing at 220-260 FPS or feet per second. Anything over 280 FPS, you should get extreme gel balls.
  • Batteries – It’s tempting to go for the standard 7.4 volts. However, to be safe, it’s best to check the blaster description and ask the retailer. This ensures that the right battery is used on your blaster gun for optimum gameplay.
  • Eye Protection – Get yourself eye protective gear. Whatever you prefer: safety glasses, helmets, face masks, face shields; get something that works for you best. The most important thing is that it protects your eyes.

Use The Gel Blaster Gun

Give it a whirl and take your gel blaster gun into action. If you want to know where you can use it, a simple google search will take you to different playing fields in your areas. You can pick among the game types you prefer: Search and Destroy or Capture The Flag, to name a few.

Don’t forget to practice safety at all times to avoid any accidents. Remember, don’t load the gun if you’re home, avoid practicing shooting animals and people.

Wrapping up:

The more you use, play, and learn about gel blaster guns, the more you become familiar with them. Eventually, you’d find yourself getting upgrades and looking into other brands and accessories to add. The experience alone will teach you about gel blaster guns and how different they are from other types of firearms.

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