6 Trucks Dealers To Watch in 2022

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Truck dealers are an important component of the entire vehicle industry. Without them, trucking companies would have to find their own vehicles, which is a pain in the neck. 

With the popularity of trucking culture, more and more people are interested in buying trucks. 

As a result, truck dealers have also been on the rise in recent years. They offer a wide variety of trucks, from small to large, and can provide financing options to help you purchase the perfect truck for your needs. 

There are a number of great truck dealers in Australia, so we’ve compiled a list for you to watch in 2022. They offer a great selection, prices and customer service. If you are looking to buy brand new Hino trucks for sale in the next few years, check out this list and start shopping for your dream truck today!

Adtrans Hino 

All Hino products are built on standard and traditional principles—reliability, durability and quality. All while leveraging the latest technology for a more sustainable future. Adtrans Hino continues to uphold standards for high quality performance, comfort and above all, safety. 

Adtrans Hino offers one of the largest selections of Hino trucks in Australia, so you’re sure to find the perfect truck for your needs. They have a complete range of next-generation light, medium and heavy-duty transport solutions to cater every business needs, including yours. They also have a team of experts  who can help you find the right truck for your budget.

With more than 80 years of design experience internationally and more than 55 years locally, Adtrans Hino is definitely your long-term reliable truck dealer. You can trust that they will deliver nothing but exemplary products now and into the future. 

MAN Truck and Bus Australia 

The second truck dealer on our list is MAN Truck and Bus Australia. This dealer offers a great selection of trucks, including both new and used models. They also offer financing options, so you can get the truck you want without breaking the bank. 

MAN develops some of the world’s top-grade buses and trucks in Australia. They have a wide variety of ergonomically designed, efficient and time-tested trucks and buses. Some are technologically advanced vehicles on the commercial market, but all vehicles are specially designed to meet certain demands of the Australian operators and climate. 

MAN is also one of the oldest running truck dealers for more than 250 years, as well as one of the leading industrial enterprises in the German engineering industry. 

RAM Trucks Australia

Next up is RAM Trucks Australia. This dealer is known for their great prices on both new and used trucks. They also offer a wide variety of truck accessories, so you can customise your truck to fit your needs. 

RAM Trucks Australia is the only RAM trucks authorised distributor and importer for the Australia and New Zealand markets. Today, they are also the only RAM authorised manufacturer of RAM trucks that are right-hand-drive, globally. Not to mention, RAM’s detailed manufacturing process of right-hand-drive trucks is first rate. 

They make sure to carry this out in a multi-million dollar OEM-grade (Original Equipment Grade) production facility with strict quality checks throughout the process. 

Hyundai Trucks Australia 

If you’re looking for a wide array of Hyundai trucks, then check out Hyundai Trucks Australia. They offer high-quality Hyundai trucks that are perfect for your needs. They first launched in November 2016 as the truck distributor for the Australian market and is part of the global expansion plan. 

Hyundai Trucks Australia has been manufacturing trucks since 1967 across the global market. Today, the company mostly distributes a range of light duty trucks that specialise in factory built bodies. They range from Tippers and Pantech’s to Steel Trays with an extensive collection of Freezers trucks. 

Peninsula Hyundai Truck & Bus

For great quality Hyundai trucks and buses in Bankstown, NSW, Peninsula Hyundai is the name you can trust. This dealer offers great prices on used trucks, so you can get the truck you want without spending a fortune. They also offer a wide variety of truck accessories, which can help you customise your truck to match your preference. 

The company has a modern showroom and massive display areas that allow you to browse casually their range of Hyundai trucks and buses. The staff members are also specialists who are committed to giving excellent customer service and are proud of their connection with Hyundai Trucks. 

So, whether you’re selling, leasing or buying, Peninsula Hyundai Truck and Bus has got you covered. 

Wideland Group

Lastly, you’d definitely want to check out Wideland Group as they are one of the most diverse privately owned truck dealers in Australia with branches in Queensland and NSW.  They also have a team of experts who can help you find the right truck that suits your budget.

What’s great about Wideland Group is that they sell and hire trucks, agricultural and construction equipment, as well as passenger and commercial vehicles to customers across New South Wales and NSW. They also represent iconic brands. 

The company’s main goal is to satisfy the needs of their clients, employees, suppliers and communities. The qualified staff members are friendly, and they are specialists in their fields with a commitment to providing you nothing but the best support. 

Summing Up

Finding the best truck to suit your needs would be a difficult task. Truck dealers can be found all over Australia, and there are also many different types of trucks on the market. However, with these six great truck dealers in Australia to watch in 2022, you can easily start shopping for your dream truck today.

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