420 In the Park ​

420 in the park ​

This event is run by: Legalise Cannabis Victoria ​

  • Date & Time: Saturday 20 April, 2.00pm – 5.30pm ​
  • Location: Flagstaff Gardens – Lawn 7, Melbourne
  • Event Manager: David Ettershank ​
  • Event Organiser (Legalise Cannabis Victoria):

Mira Fraser mira.fraser@parliament.vic.gov.au
Paul Fawcett paul.fawcett@parliament.vic.gov.au
David Peake David.peake@parliament.vic.gov.au

  • Performers: Mz Risk, Zepha ​​
  • MC / Comedian: Lucy Best ​​
  • Speakers: Greg Chipp, Aiv Puglieli, David Ettershank, David Limbrick, Georgie Purcell, Rachel Payne ​

420 in the park ​

420 In the Park is a celebration of the cannabis community and a show of support for the growing grassroots movement to end discrimination and change unjust cannabis laws. ​ The event aims to showcase to the people of Victoria and beyond that prohibition doesn’t work and is harming people. ​ The event will feature DJs, entertainment, and speeches from various speakers.

Event Schedule:

  • 12.00pm: Bump-in – Event set-up ​
  • 2.00pm: MzRizk begins DJing – Music Begins ​
  • 2.20pm: Lucy Best introduces the day, directs patrons as to the location of toilets, water, first aid, and evacuation points. ​ Introduces Wurundjeri representative to do Welcome to Country / Smoking Ceremony – MC Speaks ​
  • 2.30pm: Welcome to Country / Smoking Ceremony ​
  • 2.45pm: MzRizk DJs – Music continues ​
  • 3.15pm: Lucy Best speaks – MC Speaks ​
  • 3.25pm: MzRizk DJs ​
  • 3.45pm: Greg Chipp introduces the speakers – Speakers come to the stage ​​
  • 3.50pm: Aiv Puglieli speaks – Speech ​
  • 3.55pm: Georgie Purcell speaks – Speech ​
  • 4.00pm: David Limbrick speaks – Speech ​​
  • 4.05pm: Rachel Payne speaks – Speech ​​
  • 4.12pm: David Ettershank speaks – Speech ​
  • 4.19pm: 420 Count-Down – Count-down ​
  • 4.20pm: Zepha – Music Continues ​​
  • 5.30pm: Bump out commences – Volunteers, Marshalls, and Event Organisers to remove all AV gear, tables, marquee, and rubbish – Bump out ​
  • 7.00pm: All gear and rubbish have been removed from Flagstaff – Bump out completed ​

The purpose of the 420 In the Park event is to celebrate the cannabis community, show support for the grassroots movement to end discrimination, and advocate for a change in unjust cannabis laws. ​ The event aims to demonstrate that prohibition is ineffective and harmful while providing a platform for speakers, performers, and attendees to raise awareness and promote dialogue about cannabis-related issues. ​


Mick Pacholli

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