10 steps to get a flawless makeup look every time

10 steps to get a flawless makeup look every time

After the summer holidays, everyone returns to the routine and along with it comes back the makeup. A vast majority of women usually wear makeup, for work because they want to look and feel good and fresh. We must be aware of the trending colors and products that are widely used by the people by reading reviews, blogs, and tutorials by different artists and makeup stars. Professional makeup artists give several tips and considerations on how to buy liquid foundation, bronzers, and concealers that go with your tone and skin type.

Stay tuned as we will give you some firsthand tips and tricks to follow and achieve the perfect look at work or party and stand out. The first thing to keep in mind is that the bases must be undertone and that distinction is appreciated in them. If the base is appropriate, all the other shades will seamlessly match the skin.

Shades For Light And Dark Toned Skin

It is important to look at the color of the veins to choose the best tone as this alerts us to our undertone. The green veins combine with the yellow undertone. They tend to be characteristic of skins that tan easily. On the other hand, the bluish veins correspond to white skins that tend more to sunburn than to tan, and their undertone is pink.

The tone should be tested on the chin, in the area of ​​union between the neck and the face to avoid a color difference. We will know that it is the right one when it matches completely with our skin. It is important to know that there are bases that oxidize in minutes after its application and changes color, so we must let the product act and see if the tone changes to decide for the right hue.

Makeup Base And Skin Type           

In addition to the tone, it is also important to choose the most appropriate makeup base depending on the type of skin of each woman. Dry skin needs moisturizing bases with a glowy finish and provides medium or low coverage. In the case of more oily skin, mattifying bases that are denser and give more coverage are better. 

Errors To Avoid

Before applying makeup it is important to have clean and hydrated skin, otherwise, the base will not stay on the face. For hydration, the experts advise the use of jojoba oil as a good option. Almost all skin types, including the oiliest ones, can benefit from this oil by its sebum-regulating action.

Step By Step Guide From Experts

Makeup artists have revealed these practical tips and tricks that are effortlessly perfect.

Step 1: The Foundation

The key to a flawless complexion is the foundation. The color tone plays a crucial role here. You can find the ideal shade for you by applying several different shades next to each other on your face. The product that blends into the skin and is one tone lighter than the original skin color is right for you.

Nowadays, primers come in several variations and shades. Professional make-up artists swear by a special make-up sponge with which the foundation is worked into the skin. In any case, the foundation must be carefully hidden from the ears, neck, and forehead.

Step 2: The Concealer

Concealer can vanish your dark circles and blemishes that might appear on your skin at any age. Apply it to the inside and outside of the corner of your eye and gently pat it in. In the last step, hide it from the outside with a loose setting powder.

Step 3: The Powder

Loose powder is used for the first finish. It is spread over the face with a wide brush and ensures that the make-up lasts a long time. Do not use too much powder, otherwise, your face can quickly appear like a mask or give a cakey look.

Step 4: The Eye Shadow

In the fourth step, the eyeshadow is applied to the eyes. Monolite shadows are quick in an application and if you want a more sophisticated finish, go for an eyeshadow palette with different colors. One of the rules for perfect eye makeup is that dark tones are placed on the movable part of the eyelid, the brightest tone directly under the eyebrows.

Step 5: The Eyeliner

For expressive eyes, apply eyeliner directly to the upper lash line. To do this, draw a curved line outwards from the inner corner of the eye over the upper lash line. In the end, let the line widen. For an exact eyelid line, pull the lid up with one finger. This will tighten the skin and make it easier to apply without a mess.

Experienced women use a liquid eyeliner, which guarantees precise results. Less experienced users or beginners opt for an eyeliner stick. When applied to the lower lash line, eyeliner ensures clear contours.

Step 6: The Mascara

Mascara gives a bold look and complements the other shades of the eye make-up. It gives more fullness but if you have short eyelashes, you can choose a product that visibly lengthens the eyelashes and gives volume. There is the optimal mascara for every type of eyelash and for everyone. As an application tip, you must always keep the brush horizontal when applying and start at the inner corner of the eye.

Step 7: The Eyebrows

Before applying the powder to the brows with a brow brush or shading them, comb your brows with a small brush. So you can quickly see which sparsely hairy eyebrow areas you need to fill up. It starts at the inner end of the brow. Then work your way out with fine strokes of the natural brow shape.

Step 8: The Lip Contour

A lip contour ensures that the lipstick color applied afterward lasts a long time. It is also ideal for correcting small irregularities and errors in the symmetry of the lips as well as preventing the color from bleeding.

Step 9: The Lipstick

Lipstick is a must for a complete makeup, either a blood-red shade or nude hues. Professionals always use a lip brush that allows the color and product to be distributed evenly. After application, remove excess tint with a Kleenex (do not rub).

Step 10: The Blush

Rouge brings a touch of freshness to the face. First, pick up a little color with a blush brush and then tap it off a little on the back of your hand to dose the color. Finally, apply it to your cheeks.


Follow these tips to create a flawless makeup look every time and when you have covered the basics, experiment with new shades and techniques to explore more.

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