Top 6 Business Ideas for Animal Lovers

business for animal lovers

When a business not only makes money, but allows you to do what you like, efficiency always increases. Therefore, today we will talk about how you can make a living for animal lovers.

As statistics show, the pet products market is only growing. Therefore, any entrepreneur looking for a direction related to animals will be interested to know what are the options for starting a business in this industry. Most entrepreneurs do not even realise that in addition to the obvious, there are many more options that are just beginning to develop. The fact that the market will continue to develop, and there are actually a lot of potential customers for any segment of this industry. So let’s take a look at these segments.

Hotel for pets

The idea is not new. But it is still fresh enough to be able to enter the market with it without fear of competition or lack of potential customers. Especially in big cities.

The concept is simple. You offer services to dog and cat owners who need to go somewhere. Business trip, vacation, weekend, a trip to relatives.

And the important thing is that people do not always have the opportunity to take a pet with them, or leave it to one of their friends and relatives.

The concept is simple, but it needs to be taken seriously. Because if a person leaves you a dog or a cat, he wants to be sure that their pet will be comfortable, calm, and safe. Therefore, the business is built on good service. For both clients and their pets.

Pet portraits

A separate niche for making money. And here, in addition to love for animals, you will also need the ability to draw. Although, as an entrepreneur, you can handle the administrative part by hiring a good freelance artist.

As for the audience, remember how much people love to photograph their animals. That is, in fact, all those who have a pet are among your potential customers.

Animal photographer

The second version of the previous idea is a photographer. Here, you need to immediately understand that you can start with a minimum. You don’t even have to buy expensive professional equipment. The main thing is to take pictures with high quality and creativity. The customer will pay for what he cannot do himself or thinks he cannot.

Therefore, such an activity is suitable for anyone who wants to start a business with minimal investment.

But among the clients, there will be not only those who want to have a photo of their dog on the mantelpiece. So, for example, many advertising companies need interesting, unique images. And you can photograph animals for this everywhere – even on the street, even at friends. 

Photo sessions with animals

Continuing to develop the topic, let us also recall a fairly popular form of entrepreneurship in the pet industry. Photo sessions with animals. Taking pictures with different animals is loved not only by those who keep them. Moreover, it does not have to be cats or dogs. Often there are options with more exotic representatives of the animal world. For example, raccoons or hedgehogs.

It all depends on who exactly you contain and photograph. Among the clients, in fact, just like in the previous idea, there may be not only children and adults. The whole company can also act as your customer. And you can offer such services as an advertisement if you come up with something creative.

Dog training services

Dog handlers are mainly involved in professional dog training. Therefore, such a business needs to be opened by a person with a cynological education, otherwise, the services will simply be useless and no one will come to you. So, you will need good quality dog training courses.

On the other hand, you can act as a kind of aggregator of such services, finding clients and performers. You can open a centre and hire a few professionals, you can make the business additional if you already have an active business in the pet industry. There are many options. The fact is that professional dog training services are in demand. Many owners take a pet without knowing anything about the specifics of its breed and then get problems with “upbringing”. The training service is designed to solve them, or at least to advise the owner.

Pet Blog

This idea has already brought millions to some. An example – the most famous – Grumpy Cat, who conquered the world with his displeased charismatic face.

Today, there are already many different variations of this approach. And not only with cats or dogs. By the way, there is even a pig-artist. And its paintings are a separate tool for the owner’s income.

The essence of a blog with an animal is to conquer the audience and recruit it as much as possible so that you can use the Internet tools to make money. 

But it’s not enough to just take pictures of your animal and people will run to look at it. It is important to develop a strategy, understand what exactly will be interesting to subscribers, provide feedback, constantly add content, and be creative.


We hope that some of our ideas helped you decide or encourage you to think about your animal business. It doesn’t take much, but the most important thing is to have love for these wonderful, selfless creatures. And if you have love, you will easily find a way to make money with it.