Holidays are a great place to come home to the heart.
Port Douglas for 7 days. A dream holiday to escape winter.
Yes I did it… we drew on the ‘FI Account’ and booked a last minute deal with only 5 sleeps till we stepped on the plane and arrived at our beautiful tropical apartment with all the comforts we needed and literally a 2 minute walk to the beach.
All I wanted to do was relax by the pool, walk along the beach, swim, read my book and share the experience with John. We were in our own pocket of Paradise; so content cooking delicious meals on the BBQ, sipping on lattes and wine and enjoying just being. We both had new books to read and the TV remained off.
On day three John was feeling exhausted and not so enthusiastic about joining me for a walk saying: “I am so glad we booked this holiday. I really needed it”. By day 4 his exhaustion and lack of enthusiasm hit him hard and it was obvious a bug had set in. First some coughing, then a runny nose and finally a headache that kept getting worse and finally became a migraine. So day 4, 5 and 6 of our holiday became a wipeout for John and the dream holiday experience for us as a couple became a nightmare!
So here I was with the holiday I wanted suddenly taken away from me. A roller coaster of emotions and feelings surfaced as I observed the situation and reflected on how it all turned out to be like this.
Ah yes… the back story.
Back to the week earlier when I booked the holiday package on the Thursday and our flight was early the following Tuesday.
On the Friday night John’s band was playing and one of the band members asked John for a lift to the gig. Halfway there he told us he was really sick with a bug!!!!!! I opened my window at that point! Not impressed! The next night – Saturday – they had another gig two hours away and he had already asked John for a lift to that as well. Why take two cars all that distance? But now I said to John, “not a good idea driving all that way with him so sick. Remember we have a holiday booked next week”. Though concerned, John kept to the arrangement. They spent two hours driving there and two hours driving back on Saturday night!
So now, here we are in tropical Queensland on our amazing holiday and John has come down with the bug big time! It’s only day four!!! I was so pissed off and the emotions were bursting inside of me and out of me in waves.
This was a time to embrace all my feelings and find a way to make the most of the holiday… FOR ME!!!
So I allowed myself to walk with my anger along 4 mile beach and dug deep inside to find the essence of what this experience was triggering in me. It was deep… the feelings of ‘you just have to understand’… ‘this is the way it is’… ‘you will just have to wait’… ‘this is more important’… ‘your needs will have to be put on hold’…
So, in essence, my programming was getting in the way of my needs.
So what happened?
Firstly I acknowledged the situation. The holiday I wanted with John was no longer happening, that was clear.
Secondly I expressed my feelings to John reminding him of ‘the back story’. I really needed to get that off my chest. That said, my man was sick so I also expressed compassion. This was no fun for him either.
Thirdly I sprinkled eucalyptus oil all round the apartment to protect myself from his bug.
Fourthly, and most importantly, I made MY now solo holiday MY priority.
Everyday I had several walks along the beach. I swam in the warm ocean, I swam in the pool, I read my book. I treated myself to lattes and brunches overlooking the water at the marina. I met some wonderful people. I laughed, I cried, I felt pissed off then I enjoyed the freedom of being me again.
Some days were sunny, some were cloudy and some were raining. All in all the perfect environment for me to be in touch with all my emotions and feelings and celebrate being me.
Day 7 was the icing on the cake. While John was still weak he was able to join me at the marina and share some of the delights I had discovered and experienced while he lay in bed. The bonus was the sun that now came shining through even though the weather bureau had forecast heavy rain and possible storms on our last day in paradise.
As I reflect now … It was the holiday I needed.
From John’s perspective I’m not so sure he would agree it was exactly the holiday he had in mind.

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