The Australian Figure Skating Championships were delayed in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID. The championship in 2022 is expected to be held in Boondall, Queensland, in December. However, as the exact date has not been determined yet, it is not possible to find a market for this event in bookmakers Australia at the moment. Until then, the ISU European Figure Skating Championships may be a good alternative: This event will be held in Tallinn, Estonia from January 12-16.

Details of the Event

The European Figure Skating Championships is held in Tondiraba Ice Hall with a capacity of 5,840 seats. More than 160 skaters from all across Europe will compete in singles, ice dance and pair categories. The outcome of this competition will also decide the quotas of countries’ federations for the 2023 European Championships. The announced schedule of the event is as follows:

  • Wednesday, Jan 12: Men Short Program (11:25), Opening Ceremony (18:00), Pairs Short Program (18:45)
  • Thursday, Jan 13: Women Short Program (11:52), Pairs Free Program (19:00)
  • Friday, Jan 14: Ice Dance Rhythm Dance (12:33), Men Free Program (18:00)
  • Saturday, Jan 15: Ice Dance Free Dance (13:35), Women Free Program (18:30)
  • Sunday, Jan 16: Exhibition Gala (15:30)

Ticket Info

It is possible to buy tickets for the event online from the Piletitasku website. Ticket prices range from EUR 15 to EUR 80 for Category I and II. VIP Lounge ticket prices vary between 315 EUR and 840 EUR depending on the day and program. All spectators must have a COVID passport with a QR code to enter the area of Tondiraba Ice Hall. All medalists will attend the Gala Show on the last day of the event, so ticket prices for that day are higher than the others.