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Sienna-Rose Jerak Releases To Fly A Song For A Generation






Multitalented teen musician, actor, and model, Sienna-Rose Jerak is poised for the spotlight with her new single To Fly. The Australian artist is on the rise and it would seem the voice of her generation with the recently released To Fly, a song about the impact of social media on the younger generation’s lives. Those who have never known life without it. Sienna-Rose’s song aims to acknowledge the pressure that her generation experience, having their lives played out online and the judgement and stress that comes with that. The teen who is just 14 is a direct reflection of growing up in a world with social media era. The release of To Fly coincides with the recent push to ban social media for children under the age of 16.

Sienna-Rose Jerak
Sienna-Rose Jerak

”I support the initiative to regulate access to social media and to make it more safe for under fourteens in Australia. The negatives outweigh the positives. Expectations, being compared  trolled  and always being visible impacts our mental health. We just want to  be kids hang out with friends, work on our music or play sports, without the  pressure.” Said Sienna-Rose.

Working alongside Grammy award-winning songwriters and producers Jordan Omley and Michael Mani who have worked with greats including Leona Lewis and Becky G. Sienna-Rose is starting her musical career with undeniable strength. To Fly is a powerful ballad shining a light on what it’s like to live in the digital age as a teen. With lyrics including “Sometimes I feel like I want to leave, The storm seems so strong” and “Maybe I’m just afraid of me” the song shares the confusion of growing up, and the masking that all young people do of their true feelings. This is a beautiful song and Sienna-Rose brings to the music moments of Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore with her powerful alto.

“The meaning to me is we all sometimes just need a break from that online space.” Said Sienna-Rose. “We want to be just a kid without constant judgement and trolling. We want to do things we love without the pressure of criticism and always being visible.”

Living across two continents Sienna-Rose is based in both Melbourne, and Los Angeles. The talented Sienna-Rose has a wide range of life experiences to draw from. Inspired by 90s’ sensations Brandi, Monica, Back Street Boys and Christina Aguilera, Sienna Rose is also passionate about the Y2K era (the early 2000s). “It seemed like a fun time for young people,” she explains. “There wasn’t the constant pressure that we have today of being continuously judged or influenced by social media.’’

When the young artist isn’t working on her music, she’s a regular kid, going to school, attending dance classes and kindling a passion for animal rescue. Someday, Sienna-Rose would like to start a foundation or rescue for endangered or vulnerable animals. For now she is enjoying exploring her talents and sharing her music with others.

Stream To Fly on Spotify and follow her on Instagram.

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