Milan Fashion Week has come and gone for another season, bringing with it many memorable moments. Showing off their newest collections, designers were looking to the past for inspiration, seeking out beloved trends, referencing bygone eras and taking influence from the most fashionable women of the past. The resulting looks were everything you would even want from an Italian designer – elegance, but with a touch of glamour. Here are some of the best Milan Fashion Week runway trends:

A sea of beige


As a lifestyle trend growing in popularity all around the world, minimalism has finally found its way to the runways of Milan Fashion Week. From statement dresses to fun work wear, a sea of earth-toned ensembles emerged in all shades of beige, taupe, camel and cream. Usually put together as simple, monochromatic looks and topped off with oversized or faux fur coats, these minimalistic outfits are undoubtedly going to be a huge trend in the upcoming season, and one you should definitely give a try.

A pop of color


Amongst the wide array of earthy tones, some whimsical colors emerged on the runways to welcome the upcoming spring with open arms. It seems like the direction designers were going in was quite clear – splashes of bold colors done in unexpected pairings. A sky blue blouse styled with burgundy trousers and a bright orange button-down tucked into a pink pleated skirt were just some of the rich and interesting color blocked ensembles that stood out the most. Take inspiration from these fun looks, say goodbye to your all-black winter wardrobe and say hello to spring with bright and vibrant outfit choices.

Romantic dresses


In a true spring manner, no Milan Fashion Week could be complete without feminine evening dresses. Sculptural necklines drew attention to the collar bones, interesting silhouettes added a bit of unexpected playfulness, while the unavoidable floral prints truly brought out the romantic side of every model walking down the runway. Equal parts flirty, feminine and sexy, it seems like this chic, romantic trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Grunge vibes

On the other side of the spectrum, inspired by the ‘90s grunge style, some designers opted for what they referred to as the “perfection of imperfection”. Seamlessly balanced patterns and textures, tailored shapes and oversized bags all brought the alternative style back to its former glory. With Wednesday Addams hair as a starting point of this dark and mysterious look, designers paired black wool off-the-shoulder coats and utility jackets with redesigned creepers and military-style boots and truly brought us back to the fun and the craze of the ‘90s.

A shimmery shock

One of the most memorable moments from this year’s Fashion Week in Milan was undoubtedly a shimmery trench coat situation in plum paired with an equally sparkly nude dress and heart-stopping square-toed sandals. Although each of these pieces could be styled in million and one ways by themselves, together, this ensemble would literally light up any room you enter, so it’s well worth the try this upcoming season.

Leather craze

Get ready for leather weather – spring 2019 is shaping up to be one big Matrix reboot, except instead of your go-to black option, think more along the lines of colorful leathers done in cognac, burgundy and moss green. From oversized jackets to skirt sets and pants, buttery leather pieces were seen all over the runways in Milan. Leopard prints served as a palette cleanser in between a range of spring color schemes, all challenging you to go beyond your trusted black leather moto jacket and try something new and exciting.

Monocolors ruled the show, detail was added in the most unexpected of places, and wearability reigned above everything else. All in all, it was a truly wonderful season filled with beautiful trends that will make any woman happy to try out.