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Helping Hands



In a world built for neurotypical people, sometimes autistic people need help. But … what does that mean, exactly? Created in collaboration with a majority-neurodivergent cast, Helping Hands digs into questions of interdependence, normalisation, power, compromise, good intentions, and better living through goblin mentorship. By turns surrealist and sweet, hilarious and horrific, Helping Hands explores what help is, and what help could be.

Following its debut La Mama season, this play will also be available to experience online for a limited time via a high-quality, captioned, streamable film. Head to: a-tistic.com.au/helping-hands to purchase a film ticket or learn more!

Originally developed with the support of Brunswick Mechanics Institute.

…neurodiverse experience raises profound human questions, as well as challenges. At its best, Alexithymia probes them without skimping on emotional intelligence, nuance or complexity.
– Cameron Woodhead, Sydney Morning Herald,
on A_tistic’s Alexithymia

Co-created by directors Hannah Aroni, Jess Gonsalvez and James Matthews, and devising cast Tara Daniel, Vanessa Di Natale, Emily Griffith, Dee Matthews, Artemis Munoz, Aislinn Murray and Alexander Woollatt.

Sound design by Jacinta Anderson

Lighting and set design by John Collopy

Costume design by Hannah Aroni

Stage management by Jacinta Anderson and L. Turpin

Photography/Image credit: John Collopy (original photography), Hannah Aroni (illustration)

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Running time

70 minutes


La Mama Courthouse
349 Drummond Street, Carlton VIC

Produced by A_tistic


Aug 7 – Aug 10


Wed-Sat 7.30pm

… a thoughtful intelligent story that not only looks at the anxieties and difficulties people with autism can experience but also those their parents undergo in attempting to understand and accept their child as they are.

– Myron My, Theatre press, on A_tistic’s Pinocchio Restrung

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