JAN 10 – Debra Byrne & Dion Hirini – Bunjil Place


“A true Five Star performance”

“Outstanding”          “Sublime”



jan 10 – debra byrne & dion hirini – bunjil place –


An Intimate & Up-close Performance with  Debra Byrne& Dion Hirini

Recently the audience at the Frankston Arts Centre were treated to what can only be described as a stunning performance by Australia’s premier songstress, Debra Byrne with one of Melbourne’s finest musicians Dion Hirini.   

Debra has always wanted to sing the songs of JD Souther, James Taylor, John Hiatt and many more singer-songwriters and now it has reignited a dream to perform the songs closest to her heart. 

In an intimate and up-close performance with Dion Hirini, who has worked with Debra for close to twenty years they sing the songs they love.

“Dion is a wonderfully gifted singer, musician and a person I enjoy being with on and off the stage. We like to tell a story through song and I love to bring my theatrical experience to each moment. We perform the songs we adore, not all of the same genre but mindful that we keep a flow that compliments each song. I hope you will enjoy the experience as much as we do.” – Debra Byrne

An intimate and up-close performance with ……. Debra Byrne & Dion Hirini speaks for itself. It is an unforgettable opportunity to experience one of our great balladeers with one of Melbourne’s finest musicians, performing a selection of songs that have beauty and soul. Not to be missed!