Xani’s New Song Out Today!

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New Song Out Today!

New Single “Who Would’ve Thought” Out Today!

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!

It’s out! And it’s about time…

Over one year ago, I released “Grey”. It was the first track I had recorded by myself in my own music room. I was so excited about having a crack at recording my own music and learned so much about production. It’s an incredible art form – knowing what sounds to muck around with and how to arrange a song so that it all fits together perfectly. I could take my time with it and afford to explore and experiment.

Then things kinda went to shit. I suffered a two week-long depression, feeling down about myself and my life and career. I went down into the depths of despair and despite the feelings of hopelessness, managed to create some beautiful, self-soothing instrumental compositions. Things started to pick up and I was performing every night in the “Come From Away” musical. Life was good again. Until August.

My family has always been a hugely important part of my life. But on August 14th, my rock, my lifeline and my source for stability all imploded in on itself. I was going through a trauma and yet, despite the feelings of helplessness, I managed to find a way of being an independent woman, more patient and more at peace with unpredictability.

All of this to say that my dreams of recording a full-length album took a back seat. 

But here we are. I finished my album “From The Bottom Of The Well” and today I share with you my first single, “Who Would’ve Thought”. You can tune in today to ABC Melbourne 774 “The Friday Revue” with Brian Nankervis and Jacinta Parsons to hear me chat more about the music.

In the meantime, head here to listen or buy your digital copy of my new song. I am currently editing together a music video which will come out on Tuesday, so stay tuned for that one.

Thank you for all your support and curiosity for my music. Musicians go to hugely vulnerable lengths to make songs. This song has been an epic journey for me, so it’s 4 minutes of heart-on-my-sleeve. I have found the past year to be one of amazing personal growth and COVID-19 and the loss of all my work has been no exception. I’ve learned so much about life and humanity. 

I hope you’re all going along ok.

Until next letter, lots of love,

Xani xx

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