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Sorry for the radio silence…

I hope you’re all doing very well wherever you are. I’m sorry for not checking in every month like I promised. I’ve been busy playing violin in a musical called Come From Away. Have you seen it yet? It’s set during 9/11 when planes were diverted all around Newfoundland. It’s a beautiful tale of humanity and the music is a mix of celtic, pop and world music. Tickets have just been released for October in Melbourne and it’s currently running in London, Toronto, on Broadway (NYC) and it’s about to tour around Northern America. Check it all out here. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for me to try my hand at playing in the musical theatre world and I’m loving every minute.

Amidst all the musical theatre world chaos, I’ve only been playing a handful of shows. That’s all about to change! My next show is happening here in Melbourne on September 30th with MAS_ (Melbourne Amplified Strings). Together with Anita Quayle (cello) we will be performing all new music for a concert called DUETS. We have begun rehearsals and the music is sounding beautiful and epic. You can book your tickets here.

MAS_ have just released our first recording today! It is a live album featuring the compositions I wrote for our last concert back in June. The album includes the four pieces I composed for the RHYTHMS suite. It is raw and beautiful and captures everything I love most about contemporary string playing – the passion, the versatility, the possibilities and the many varied ways to use the bow to interpret a melody. You can buy your very own digital copy here and the money we make will help us to present our final two concerts in the series for 2019. Here’s a ripper live video of MAS performing WATER.

Details about our next show are:

Monday September 30th
303, High St, Northcote
Doors 7:30pm
Tickets: here

8:00pm: Set 1
9:00pm: Set 2 

I will be releasing a lot more music later in the year so stay tuned to hear more about it in the coming months.

Take care.

Love xani

Award-winning, Indigenous Songwriter
For one night only I will be performing with the incredible Jess Hitchcock in the Melbourne Recital Centre Salon. Jess has entrusted me with the job of writing string arrangements for violin and cello of her beautfiul, soulful and honest songwriting. Anita (cello) and I (violin) will be accompanying her for this very special performance. > buy tickets