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Will a Dash Cam Change Your Fleet’s Driving Habits?



kent cameyeFor fleet manager, overall performance of the fleet is of utmost importance. Just in-order to improve this performance, installing a dash cam could be the best thing as it can track and helps you share impartial feedback to the driver. 

Dash cams are largely used to overcome negligence or even corrupt accident investigations. By installing dash cams in your fleet vehicle, you not only monitor your driver but can also change his driving behaviour, thus preventing accidents.

The goal is to monitor driver performance and provide feedback that can be achieved by combining dash cams with a system capable of tracking speed, acceleration, in-cabin noise and other basic information.

 It allows the system to know when a driver is displaying poor behaviour and then combining the knowledge with footage of the dash cam. The system could be set to flag for example whenever a driver exceeds the speed limit. 

A successful dash cam system could then send a sequence of links to video of those over-speed accidents to managers. Reviewing the incidents can help to determine why a driver sometimes speeds, allowing the driver to improve his behaviour. Some devices can also provide real-time driver corrections, such as a warning light or in vehicle alarms for over-speed.

Dash Cams may also be integrated with a microphone in a multi-camera system. That can give fleet managers a full understanding of the situation of a driver. Fleet managers can see whether a driver uses a mobile or is distracted by the radio. Multiple cameras can help to show how quickly a driver recognizes and then reacts to a problem. A rear view camera will display how a driver treats other aggressive drivers by practicing defensive driving. 

Often this information can be given immediately back to fleet managers, displayed on a phone and then circulated for each trip or for a certain period of time in a report.

During an accident, KENT CamEye will capture footage you can use to either clear yourself of fault or train your drivers to avoid an accident without ever having to remove the camera from the vehicle. This device has dual cameras that not only records the inside and outside of the vehicle but also offers live video streaming of the same. 

This device has a dash cam with a GPS tracker in India that has dual cameras and GPS tracking functions that allow you to track your vehicle with the option of streaming live video with audio from anywhere in the world. 

 The external camera of the system has the revolving lens, and can be changed manually according to the desired angle. It is advisable to change the camera angle when installing this tool and to check the views from inside and outside of the car.

Because the unit is a non-OBD-based system it is easy to install and the best part is that it gets the power from the 12V car socket so that no original vehicle wiring is disrupted.

This car camera is available on its Official KENT CamEye’s website and can be bought at Rs.17, 999 with 3 months free subscription. For more information visit us at – https://www.cameye.com or call our Customer Service assistant at 011-66765030.

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