why you should consider a family day care for your children?

One of the major concerns of every working parent is “who will take care of their children during their working hours”? But thanks to daycare centres and family daycares that this issue has been taken care of. Most people might not be familiar with the term family daycare, while many might confuse it with child daycare. However, they are not similar. 

Unlike child daycare, family day care service is provided in a person’s private home where children are looked after by one or two individuals. There is a limit on the number of children that can be admitted in a family daycare as compared to a large number in a daycare centre. They usually provide care to children from the age of 2 weeks to 12 years.

Benefits of a family daycare

Though each type of daycare has its own merits. A few of the following benefits offered by family daycares are as under:

  • They provide personalized care to the children in a safe and nurturing home environment. 
  • Due to smaller groups, educators can provide focused attention to each child. It results in the formation of a strong relationship between educators and children.
  • Unlike daycare centres, family daycares consist of children of mixed age groups. Hence, siblings can be taken care of together in the same home.
  • The homely environment provided to the children helps them in developing healthy and long-lasting relationships with each other.
  • They also take care of the additional needs of a child. There are no restrictions as to the type of services provided.
  • The environment prevailing in a family daycare supports play-based learning.
  • They provide early education and care in a flexible home learning environment. 
  • They provide care during standard and flexible hours to meet your needs and requirements. Some also operate outside the usual working hours.
  • You get the option to decide the educator as per your choice based on what would suit you and your child the best.
  • Educators appointed in a family daycare possess minimum qualification and experience as prescribed by appropriate authorities of the concerned region.
  • In a family daycare, educators create individualized learning programs, which are unique and specific to your child. They take into consideration the different learning abilities of every child and provide care accordingly. 

What to look for in a family day care?

Are you looking for a family daycare for your children? Then you surely have tried searching for family daycare near me on the Internet only to end up with endless options. In that case, the following points might help you a great deal in picking the right one:

  1. License or registration. Having a license or registration might not be mandatory in every country or state. However, if you are making a comparison between many alternatives, it is better to go for the one that has some accreditation by appropriate authorities. This means that it has met the required standards. 
  2. Observe children and the educator. It is important for you to spend some time at the family daycare before making a decision. Observe the children. Try to figure out if they seem happy and well cared for. Observe the caregiver. Does he seem friendly and fond of children? Do children bond well with him/her? Are the kids engaged in their activities or lost in their own zone?
  3. Clean and safe environment. The safety of your child is your first concern. It is important for the family daycare to have the same safety precautions that you take at your home. The next important thing is cleanliness. Being in a clean environment is of utmost importance for your children’s health and overall development.
  4. Working hours. This is a crucial factor, as the working hours of the daycare must meet your requirements. Most family daycares operate in flexible hours. Have it discussed properly before making any choice.
  5. The age group of children. When you visit the family daycare, pay attention to the age group of the children in attendance. This plays an important role because children need to be among children of similar age groups. They generally bond well and are comfortable around children of their age. Otherwise, it might hamper their learning process.
  6. How long they have been in service. This is an important point to be considered as it throws light on their experience. However, one that is in service for long might not necessarily be a better one. Try getting feedback and reviews from their clients.

About Building Futures Family Day Care

Building Futures Family Day Care is one of the leading family day cares in Australia, which is dedicated to providing families with affordable and quality family day care. We provide accredited family day care services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Ipswich. 

Why choose us?

  • All of our educators are registered with our Approved Family Day Care Scheme.
  • We provide day care services within the cozy familiarity of a home and with a consistent and caring educator.
  • Our capped educator to child ratio is 1:4.
  • We provide an educative environment in a safe home.
  • We support early learning and development facilities along with ensuring the safety and well being of the children through our high-quality settings.
  • We provide childhood education and care for children aged from 6 weeks to 12 years.
  • Our services are categorized under approved services for government child care subsidies.
  • We appoint experienced babysitters and nannies who are dedicated and passionate about caring for your children after conducting a proper interview and background check.

You can get in touch with us by calling us at (07) 37237788 or dropping us a text here.