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Why Tasmania Should Be On Your Travel List



Tasmania has become one of the most sought-after Australian destinations in recent years. Being the smallest state, it used to be overlooked until people discovered attractions that could rival those of more popular cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Tassie, as locals lovingly call it, is an island of astonishing sceneries and vibrant culture that feel like a unique world of its own.

If you need more convincing, here are four reasons why Tassie will be your next dream destination:

  • Stunning Wilderness

Around 45% of Tasmania’s total land area is comprised of national parks, which is so telling of how naturally wonderful this island is. One of the most popular national parks is the Freycinet Peninsula, a cluster of pinkish granite mountains and lush rainforest. Other than sightseeing, you can walk trails or hike to the summit of Mount Amos where a stunning view of Wineglass Bay awaits. 

There are also multiple-day tours if you want to fully explore the grandeur of Tassie’s wilderness. For a complete list of tours you can take, visit this website.

Urbanization is still a new thing to this small island, so most of its wilderness remains preserved. It’s no wonder Tassie has the freshest air and cleanest water in the world. They even sell bottled air and water to polluted places. It makes for the perfect spot to relax, rejuvenate, and clear one’s mind.

why tasmania should be on your travel list

  • Haunting History

Australia has a dark history and Tasmania isn’t afraid to embrace it. A huge chunk of its controversial past is conserved in Port Arthur, one of the country’s former penal colony sites. It has an open-air museum where you can explore old prison cells and a chapel that was built by the prisoners. If you’re the daredevil type, you can go on a ghost tour or rent a boat to visit the graveyards on Isle of Dead.

Another world-famous arthouse is the Museum of Old and New Art or MONA. Located in the capital city of Hobart, MONA showcases ancient, modern, and contemporary artworks that tackle rather unconventional topics like sex and death.

  • Buzzing Food Scene

Hobart is a steaming cauldron of fresh produce and seafood. You’ll never run out of options as the city is full of restaurants, cafés, and bars with their own specialties made from locally-sourced ingredients. Must-try dishes include Australian Wagyu beef, fresh oysters, and Australian salmon.

If you want an authentic taste of Tassie life, spend a Saturday at the bustling Salamanca market. This haven also holds an annual food and wine festival called Taste of Tasmania, which feature local gourmet, live music, and performances.

  • Wonderful Wildlife

What is Australia without its unique wild animals, right? Tasmania arguably became first known for being the home of Tasmanian Devils. These dog-like marsupials are already considered endangered, so you can only visit them at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

At Bicheno Bay on the eastern coast, you can take a tour for a mood-boosting encounter with tiny penguins. These aquatic birds are friendly enough to get close to and interact with tourists. Just don’t make the mistake of wearing open-toe shoes as these playful penguins like stabbing their beaks into their visitors’ toes.

Take a Trip to Tasmania

Tasmania’s growing popularity over the years has made it one of the most desirable vacation destinations that could give more popular cities like Melbourne and Sydney a run for their money. Among the many reasons that you should visit Tasmania, its pristine wilderness, haunting history, buzzing food scene, and wonderful wildlife make it a trip worth traveling.

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