why should parents choose airg minime 500c to help their kids learn in a fun way?

One day you happily said goodbye to your friends at school, and then got stuck inside your home for six months without seeing your friends or going to school.

That’s what has happened to our kids!

These challenging times of COVID-19 have been tough for parents and kids equally. With children present at home all the time without any curricular activities, no friends to meet, or no place to go, it has become quite difficult for the parents to keep them engaged in a healthy activity.

Fortunately, the one companion of parents in these tough times has been a healthy amount of screen time.

The era of digitalization and kids

We are living in a digital age, and the children of today are immensely involved in playing games and watching videos.

As per a study by CNET, over 91 percent of children are digital gamers. Moreover, according to eMarketer, over 24.2 million kids under the age of 11 are watching digital content. With kids having their classes online as well, the amount of screen time is rapidly increasing.

It is only reasonable that all this screen time leads to some productive results, especially when it concerns kids. So, we scoured the internet to find the ideal platforms that result in productive learning for kids.

In our search for finding the perfect balance between entertainment and learning for kids, we came across airG MiniMe 500c, and we couldn’t be happier!

It is a subscription-based platform that provides the kids with just the right kind of content without any inappropriate elements. With a large collection of games and videos that are fun and educational at the same time, this platform is the answer to every parent’s dilemma.

What is airG MiniMe 500c?

airG MiniMe 500c features games and videos designed specifically for kids. It provides unlimited access to an extensive library of educational games and videos for a nominal subscription fee.

Every game and video that is available on this platform will help to improve the general knowledge, mental abilities, and problem-solving skills of your child.

Kids can access these videos and games on mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, the platform also offers some free games so that parents can try them before subscribing.

airG MiniMe 500c – What does it Offer?

All the digital content is custom-made to improve the cognitive skills of your child. With just one objective in mind of making learning fun for the kids, airG MiniMe 500c offers two solutions, educational games, and videos

MiniMe Videos

airG MiniMe 500c features a library of interactive learning videos that help kids engage in informative content while having fun. After paying the subscription fee, you can view these videos.

With colorful, vibrant, and interesting cartoon characters, the kids find these videos attractive, and it easier for them to grasp the information delivered through them.

Besides entertainment, these videos also serve the purpose of educating kids and thus aiding their mental, social, and physical development. Moreover, each video is created in several languages so that a diversified segment of the audience can view them.

MiniMe Games

The platform of airG MiniMe 500c offers an extensive range of educational games. These games belong to different categories, including adventure, planning and strategy, sport, puzzles, arcade, and makeup.

All the games offered are highly engaging as well as kid-friendly. Furthermore, the different strategy games on the platform help improve problem-solving and decision-making capabilities in kids.

Another excellent quality about these games is that they do not include any ads or in-app purchases that may cause distraction.

Why should parents choose airG MiniMe 500c?

With so much inappropriate and unhealthy digital content available for the kids on the internet these days, it gets quite difficult for parents to select what’s best for their kids.

So, after a thorough analysis, we have found airG MiniMe 500c to stand apart from other gaming and video platforms. Besides offering games and videos that will help your child to learn in a fun way, it also offers several other benefits, including:

Easy parental control

With the help of an easy and simple parental control, airG MiniMe 500c allows parents to be watchful of the content their kid is viewing.

As the platform does not contain any ads or in-app purchases, the parents can stay relaxed and comfortable even if their child is accessing the platform without adult supervision.

Unlimited access

Once subscribed, airG MiniMe 500c allows you to have unlimited access to all the videos and games that are available on the platform. Regardless of your location, if you have an internet connection, you can play games and watch videos non-stop.

You can access the website through a wide range of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Chrome Cast. So whether you are in your house, on a shopping spree, or a long road trip, you can keep your kid busy in a healthy way.


With so much inappropriate content available on the internet these days, the kid-friendly content on this platform is what makes it different from the competitors.

Each of the games and videos available on this platform is specifically designed for the kids and are thus highly suitable, entertaining, and informative. They have no violence, scary or unsuitable content, ads, or in-app purchases.

Nominal subscription fee

Subscribing to this platform – that has so many qualities and will act as your trusted partner in parenting – will not cost you much. airG MiniMe 500c has a very reasonable subscription fee, and whatever little you spend on it will be worth it.

Final word

Certainly, we cannot keep our children from using technology. Hence, instead of trying to do the impossible, we should use technology to make learning fun and entertaining with the use of this new-age learning tool.

airG MiniMe 500c is one of the perfect solutions for parents as it provides the best learning experience to our kids by making it fun, informative, and exciting.