Why Plantation Shutters are Worth the Investment

why plantation shutters are worth the investment

Plantation shutters, or plantation blinds, are wide interior shutters that use slats to offer an elegant and multi-functional way of adding some type and privacy to your home. Whether you are trying to make DIY shutters yourself or buying plantation shutters online, though, you might not be fully aware of how much they can improve your interior spaces.


A standard set of PVC plantation shutters can sometimes be all you need to complete an otherwise empty-looking room. Not only can they be an affordable option compared to some much more complex window shutters, but they are also extremely easy to keep clean, making them much less likely to get messy or dusty. The key style benefit they can offer comes from their busy looks.

Almost any set of good plantation blinds can control the way that light flows in your room, and using them correctly can give you plenty of privacy while also helping you adjust the look and brightness of an indoor space to suit your needs. Unlike curtains, plantation shutters are not a binary “open or closed” choice, but also don’t have the same limitations as a normal set of office blinds. With plantation shutters, you can avoid annoyances, like light glare from television screens, with hardly any effort at all.


While many people think of shutters as the flimsy blinds that you see in offices, standard plantation blinds are much sturdier and don’t bend or tangle up. With the right materials, they can stand up to both high heat and high humidity, even working well as a long-term choice for bathrooms and kitchens if using the right materials. Due to their great sun resistance in general, you also don’t need to worry about them cracking or fading when they are closed.

Since many sets of modern plantation shutters are attached to the windows directly, they also don’t have to rely on a top rail like normal blinds and shutters do. Even when buying plantation shutters online, or trying to make your own DIY plantation shutters from scratch, you generally connect them onto the sides of your windows to give them much more stability and strength. As such, they can’t easily be torn down like a curtain or thin set of straight blinds.


Many people see plantation window shutters as an expensive choice. However, they are actually much more affordable than you might think, especially when dealing with curved corners or bay windows. Since plantation shutters go over the window itself, which can be much less expensive than getting specially-made rails to fit that space. The lack of upkeep costs and the fact that you will almost never have to fix or replace them can reduce the price even further. Don’t forget to factor in that they will increase the value of your property.

There is another hidden price benefit to these shutters that not many people are aware of when they first consider buying them, and that is energy efficiency. By having the shutters pressed up against a window, you can prevent air from escaping and keep the temperature of your home regulated. Take a look at the best plantation shutters Australia can offer.


While it might not be a concern to many people, plantation shutters are also quite a safe choice for nearly any home. There are no hanging cords that pets or children can get tangled up in, and there aren’t even any sharp edges within reach that might hurt them. Most plantation shutters are designed to use a small lever to adjust them, which is usually out of harm’s way and doesn’t stick out enough to catch on your clothing as you walk past. Even when they are open, plantation shutters can deflect enough light to stop a room from overheating, and won’t suddenly collapse when pressure gets put on them. 

Should I get plantation shutters?

Aside from their value as a stylish addition to almost any home, plantation shutters can offer a wide range of interesting benefits with very few drawbacks. While they might not be the cheapest option on the entire market, they can be one of the best, especially in areas of the world where heat management and light adjustment are an important part of staying comfortable during extreme weather.

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