stability balls

Employers are turning to healthy, inexpensive, and alternative ways to combat sedentary workdays at the office. They are swapping employee’s desk chairs with stability balls. First and foremost, a stability ball is a fitness and exercise equipment often used to enhance strength training, body balance, and stability. Also referred to as Yoga or Swiss ball, it is made out of PVC material and inflated into a sphere. But as we have seen lately, it can be made high enough to be easily used as an office chair. So, the question is, why are people turning to stability balls for their office chairs? Read on to find out.

Stability Balls Promote Good Spinal Health

When it comes to matters pertaining to the spine, your workstation is one of the most damaging locations to spend your entire day. Office chairs are too rigid in terms of posture, which isn’t good for your spinal health. More often than not, after a sedentary workday at the office, you will come out with pain in the neck, back, or even headaches. One company called the Spine Universe has established that stability balls are what you need for proper spinal health. Using the yoga ball in place of traditional office desk chairs could be the remedy to painful back and other detrimental effects that stem from it. That is why people are ditching office desk chairs and turning to stability balls.

Features Of Stability Balls As Office Chairs

  • It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • It has to be inflated before use and may need to be inflated from time to time in the day.
  • Those who have used stability balls in training probably know about this. Its use increases pillar strength, improves balance as well as stability.
  • These features have been harnessed by one company that wants to incorporate office life with stability balls’ benefits.

Benefits Of Using A Stability Ball As An Office Chair

  • Improves Body Posture
    A stability ball generally naturally aligns your spine. And an excellent spinal alignment means good posture. When you sit on a stability ball, your core muscles are worked. As such, the strength generated will subsequently support your spine, hence improved spinal health.
  • Relieves Back Pain
    Stability balls ensure you have a good posture, which enhances circulation and blood flow in your body. That is unlike office chairs, which does the exact opposite. By relieving your back pain, a stability ball gives you a posture that ensures you don’t slouch or put unnecessary strain on your back.
  • It Tones The Core Muscles.
    A stability ball will ensure that your core muscles in the abdomen, back, and pelvic region are engaged simultaneously. That gives you the extra energy to go work for extended time frames without tiring.

Stable Minds, Stable Bodies

Stability balls are being introduced as an alternative to the traditional desk chairs. The reason being, they help people engage their muscles and have more body movement as they work at the office. By doing so, stability balls inadvertently encourage people to burn calories and enhance their general well-being. As a result, more people can enjoy the benefits of a stable mind and body.