Have you been struggling with your outdoor space? Perhaps you’ve attempted to get a lawn going, and it has failed miserably. Don’t be too hard on yourself if this is the case. It is very difficult to grow a lawn from scratch, especially if you don’t have experience when it comes to gardening or lawn care.

Perhaps you have an outdoor space available to you, and you’re not sure whether you should pave it or have a lawn professionally insta­lled?

Before you make any decisions, inform yourself of some of the benefits that a lawn installation could bring to your property.

As lawn installation experts on the North Shore, we are very familiar with the benefits that are associated with investing in lawn installation services. These benefits include:

Soil Stability

Installing a lawn gives your soil the stability that it needs to prevent soil erosion. The longer you leave the soil in your garden unattended, with no lawn or plants to hold it together, the bigger chance there is of your precious topsoil being washed away, which will greatly decrease your soil quality and erode your soil, making it difficult for anything to survive in it.

Cools the Air

Did you know that having a lawn installed can help cool the air? This is a definite advantage if your property is on the North Shore, as our summers are known to get outrageously hot! Lawns actually have the ability to absorb heat, making lawns a much cooler alternative to concrete or asphalt.

why invest in lawn installation services? the benefits of a brand new lawn!

Saves You Time & Money

Growing a lawn on your own could honestly take years to get it right. Not to mention money when it comes to lawn care products, fertilisers, etc. Having a lawn professionally installed means that you don’t have to wait. It will be installed within a few hours, giving you that awesome feeling of instant gratification!

Aesthetically Pleasing

Green is a calming yet rejuvenating colour, and there is nothing quite like feasting your eyes on a beautiful green lawn. Whether the lawn is at your home or commercial property, it creates a very aesthetically appealing site for your family, guests, clients, or visitors. A green lawn works well with any other design elements that you may have going on and offers the ideal base for your garden.

Great to Walk on

Is there anything better than the feeling of freshly cut grass under your feet? There is truly something special about the texture and smell. A lawn offers you and your family the opportunity to be barefoot on the grass (which is great for your health), play various lawn games and enjoy everything that your lawn has to offer you.

Natural Filter

One of the most amazing benefits that lawns offer is the fact that they act as natural filters. They filter out a wide variety of particles, such as dust, particulate matter, and pollutants. Lawns are responsible for removing around 12 tons of particulate matter from the air and water systems each year!

Less Maintenance

Once you have had a lawn professionally installed, it is a lot less maintenance than if you had to have grown the lawn yourself. This is because the lawn that we install has been professionally grown, and it is healthy from the get-go. We will also explain what maintenance your lawn will need in detail. And if that sounds overwhelming to you, you could always make use of our lawn maintenance services too!

Sound Barrier

If you live on the North Shore, it can be quite noisy as this area definitely suffers from noise pollution at times, especially during heavy traffic. Did you know that a lawn can absorb sounds and act as somewhat of a sound barrier? Offering your home or commercial space more peace and quiet than you would’ve gotten with something like a paved area. Lawn acting as a sound barrier has definitely got to be one of the biggest benefits of lawn installation!

Are you looking for lawn installation services on the North Shore? Here at Hort Culture, we specialise in providing lawn installation on the Northern Beaches, as well as other professional gardening services. We have provided dozens of residential and commercial clients with beautiful lawns that they can be proud of. Get in touch w­ith us today at +0434 863 822.

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